Welcome to Head Body World!

Alright people, open your eyes and pay attention, I don't want to have to repeat myself! Of course, you could scroll back to any part of the post you want, but I digress. Welcome to my world... HEAD BODY WORLD!!! You who follow me are now official Head-Bodites! Expect harsh military style training, and Total-Drama danger-level challenges for the rest of your lives!

Just kidding, you don't deserve that! Or do you? I don't know, I'm not a creepy stalker who watches every single movement you make from right outside your window or the security cameras I totally don't have placed inside your house or any building you've ever been inside. As new Head-Bodites, you are now subject to the information in my strange, diabolical, video-game loving, Vaan hating, cheese-stained mind. Whether this ranges from fact to opinion, I will post this stuff onto this blog for all internet-goers to see. You can expect just about anything, from video-game playthroughs and movie reviews to complaints about my life and Top 10 lists about stuff.

At random intervals, I may post questions about just about everything, usually with the answers just being opinions, such as "Who is better: Sephiroth or Kefka?"

My information is on my profile, and if you want any more information, just comment right here. So long, Head-Bodites, HeadBodymaster, signing off!

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