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Head-Bodites! It's been too long, man! I mean, it's been a few months since we've had a talk like this! Mainly, it's thanks to my first year of High School. That, and laziness. Yes, I am incredibly lazy. But from now on, it's at least one blog post a week! I can promise you that!

Oh? What's that? Missing a post? Nah, you're just imagining things. That Top 10 list never happened. And it won't for quite a while.

Okay, getting on topic, a few months back, video game company Square-Enix announced a prequel to the popular crossover fighting game from a couple years back, Dissidia Final Fantasy. This game is called Dissidia Duodecim 012: Final Fantasy, and it is confirmed to have the following:

*New characters(4-10)
*New stages(An amount equal to the new characters)
*New attacks for the returning characters
*All characters from Dissidia
*A new Assist System
*3-4 costumes per character.
*A Villains' Story Mode for once

So far the only confirmed new characters are Lightning (FFXIII), Kain Highwind (FFIV), Tifa Lockhart (FFVII), and Vaan (FFXII), and the only new stages confirmed are the Sky Fortress Bahamut(FFXII) and the Orphans' Cradle (FFXIII). Lightning switches fighting styles between mainly melee, mainly magic, and curative attacks. Kain brings the enemies high into the air, noly to smack them into the ground. Tifa fights at close range using her fists, and can interupt herself mid-combo to dash around her opponent for a different finish. Vaan switches between different kinds of weapons, like swords and guns, for different kinds of attacks.

The only confirmed (from scans) new alternate costumes are

*Cecil Harvey from FFIV(Costume 3: His appearance from the opening cutscene of FFIV DS)
*Kain(Costume 2: The appearance of Dark Kain from FFIV: The After Years)
*Golbez from FFIV(Costume 2: His appearance as The Mysterious Man from FFIV The After Years)
*Terra Branford from FFVI(Costume 3: A blue and white dress)
*Kefka Palazzo from FFVI(Costume 3: A green, gold an white outfit with large sleeves and a bandanna)
*Cloud Strife from FFVII(Costume 3: His appearance in this picture; and Costume 4: His appearance in Kingdom Hearts)
*Tifa(Costume 2: Her appearnce from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children)
*Sephiroth from FFVII(Costume 3: His unaltered appearance from FFVII)
*Vaan from FFXII(Costume 2: Darker colored clothes)
*Gabranth from FFXII(Costume 3: His disguise as his brother, Basch)
*Lightning(Costume 2: Darker colored clothes with white hair; amd Costume 4: The appearance of Aya Brea from The 3rd Birthday)

Now, there are rumors going around that there are going to be 4 more characters. People are getting into huge debates over who will be in or not. Currently, THE most anticipated character is Gilgamesh of Final Fantasy V. He already had a voice actor from his appearance in FFXII and has more than 3 unique designs: his original FFV design, his FFVIII design, and his FFXII design. Personally, if there are only 4 characters left to be confirmed(considering Square's not bullshitting us like with the secret caracters in Dissidia), I hope for Gilgamesh, Seifer Almasy of FFVIII, Vivi Ornitier of FFIX, and Auron of FFX, but that's just my opinion. And as all good Head-Bodites know, my opinion is supreme and should never be ignored(except it was when my opinion was made obvious to take out Vaan and put in Basch or balthier. Fuckin' Square-Enix.), so these 4 NEED to be in.

Well, we're getting new info on this game evry month, Head-Bodites, and with the Jump Festa convention in Japan next month, it's been revealed that characters WILL be revealed there. That's right, no typo, characterS. Of course, being the pessimist I am, I believe it'll only be like 2, maybe 3 characters. I'm also hoping new stages and costumes are revealed there as well.

Well, that's about enough to make up for my absence. This is HeadBodyMaster, signing off!

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