Happy Early New Years' Eve!

Hey Head-Bodites! Sorry for the late update, it's just that, well, Christmas was last week, and my presents needed attention and all that.* But I'm here now, aren't I?

Okay, here's the picture of Yuna's feet in the Jump Festa trailer from awhile ago. They put that trailer on the website about a week ago, as a Christmas Eve present. And yes, they did confirm that it is Yuna. That's all we know at the moment; that DEM FEET belong to Yuna, and that she is in the game. We don't know if she's a summoner or songstress or anything like that. Oh yeah, and FFVII's "J-E-N-O-V-A" has been confirmed as a song.


My Favorite Final Fantasy Characters Pt. 2

Hey, Head-Bodites. Sorry I didn't complete the list last post. I just didn't know the limit to which the post's length could be, so I just put half the list up. Yeah, there's still 7-12 to go. Not 11 because it's an MMO, not 13 because I haven't played it, so I have to go with Lightning by default, and no non-numbered game. So, let's crank out the rest of this motherfucker, eh?


My Favorite Final Fantasy Characters Pt. 1

What's up, Head-Bodites? How've you been? Well, I've decided to let you in on my favorite Final Fantasy characters. You've read my list about my favorite games, now for my favorite characters.

Some New Dissidia News

Head-Bodites, I am going to make this a quickie, okay? Okay.. This weekend was the Jump Festa 2011 over in Japan, showing new Dissidia 012 info and stuff, and we didn't even get much info! I mean, we got some new combos and moves, sure, that's fine. We saw some of Firion's improvements, and that's a step in the right direction, too. We even learned about a couple new stages and songs! The Phantom Train(FF6) and Empyreal Paradox(FF11) are the stages, and the new music is Neo ExDeath(FF5) and FF3's normal battle theme.

Unfortunately, there's a lack of character confirmation. All the info there is on a new character is that the people who saw the closed trailer claim to have seen Yuna's feet. Who's Yuna, you ask?

Here's your answer, you unfortunate fuck.

Honestly, I can't really trust those 4, maybe 5 people who claim this until I see some proof. Oh yeah, and Gilgamesh's FF12 incarnation MIGHT have been confirmed to be a summon. That doesn't kill his chances, though! Here's HeadBodyMaster, signing off!


FFIII & FFVIII's New Costumes

Hello Head-Bodites! Well, in this week's Famitsu (the Japanese magazine for all things PlayStation), we finall got to learn what some new costumes are (like we have been every 3rd Wednesday for a while now). First up are the FF8 costumes:

Okay, so Squall's is based on his Amano artwork. That works, and it makes sense, due to the apparent emphasis on Amano love in this series. I'm still using his SeeD uniform, though. But I find Ultimecia's to be better than her previous 2. It's Edea Kramer, a sorceress she possessed in FFVIII, which is fitting, but I would have liked to see her Amano art to get in. Next, there's the FFIII costumes:


I Dreamt I Was A Moron...

Let the leg cramps begin!
Well Head-Bodites, it's happened. We got another confirmed character for Dissidia Duodecim, the prequel to my FAVORITE game, Dissidia Final Fantasy. This time, it's Squall's father from Final Fantasy VIII, Laguna Loire. Sure, I was hoping for Seifer, but Laguna looks like he'll at least be more interesting than Mr. "I HAZ A GUNBLAD 2 LETZ B RIVALS SQUALL U CHIKKIN WUSS LOLOLOLZ!!1!!11!!!" 'Cause baby, this guy's got some guns! He fights using firearms, can shoot while running, and the longer you hold the attack button, the more bullets he sprays. His EX Mode apparently makes his weapons gold or something. Looks like I have yet ANOTHER main!*


Favorite Final Fantasy to Least Favorite Final Fantasy?

5. FFV
8. FFI
10. FFX
12. FFII
13. FFXI

Now, in the comments, I'd like you to tell me: What's your favorite Final Fantasy? This is HeadBodyMaster signing out.