FFIII & FFVIII's New Costumes

Hello Head-Bodites! Well, in this week's Famitsu (the Japanese magazine for all things PlayStation), we finall got to learn what some new costumes are (like we have been every 3rd Wednesday for a while now). First up are the FF8 costumes:

Okay, so Squall's is based on his Amano artwork. That works, and it makes sense, due to the apparent emphasis on Amano love in this series. I'm still using his SeeD uniform, though. But I find Ultimecia's to be better than her previous 2. It's Edea Kramer, a sorceress she possessed in FFVIII, which is fitting, but I would have liked to see her Amano art to get in. Next, there's the FFIII costumes:

Now, Onion Knight just looks wierd. I mean, I get that he's supposed to be the Unnamed Warrior from the FFIII DS logo, but that's just... wierd looking. I think it's the fact that he doesn't have his helmet. This one's a maybe for me. On the other hand, there's Cloud of Darkness. While I am a fan of her blue cape*, I absolutely love he fact that she's revealing more of her assets! Plus, the beads around the legs actually have a kind of wierd appeal to me... eh.

Now, you think that was it, eh? No Laguna costume? Well sir, you are dead WRONG!


Well, the obvious is true; he got his Galbadian Soldier uniform... and I'm using it. I mean, it's not just the blue, it's also the armor. Yeah. Armor is awesome.

Oh yeah, and there's other stuff too, but who cares?

Well, this is HeadBodyMaster signing out!

*Blue is my favorite color. If you want to be on my good side, you'll remember that.

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