I Dreamt I Was A Moron...

Let the leg cramps begin!
Well Head-Bodites, it's happened. We got another confirmed character for Dissidia Duodecim, the prequel to my FAVORITE game, Dissidia Final Fantasy. This time, it's Squall's father from Final Fantasy VIII, Laguna Loire. Sure, I was hoping for Seifer, but Laguna looks like he'll at least be more interesting than Mr. "I HAZ A GUNBLAD 2 LETZ B RIVALS SQUALL U CHIKKIN WUSS LOLOLOLZ!!1!!11!!!" 'Cause baby, this guy's got some guns! He fights using firearms, can shoot while running, and the longer you hold the attack button, the more bullets he sprays. His EX Mode apparently makes his weapons gold or something. Looks like I have yet ANOTHER main!*

Now for some speculation. The way I see it, Laguna should have a kind of mid-pitched and care-free voice, so my ideal VA choices for him are Wally Wingert, Vic Mignogna, Sean Schemmel, Kyle Hebert, and Quinton Flynn. I don't know much about Laguna, but I do know he's a kind of silly guy, so those are my choices. His alternate costumes are currently being debated. Apparently, his 'Galbadian Soldier' uniform is a shoe-in, and the way I see it, he'll probably get a fuckin' Amano recolor just for the hell of it.

Oh yeah, the new overworld for the story mode was revealed this week too. It's 3D instead of basically being a board game. And yes, I will do a post like this for each new character revealed from now on.

So those are basically the new informations revealed this month about Dissidia 012. With Jump Festa about a week and a half away, there will be at least one new character revealed there, so let's hope for GILGAMESH, EVERYBODY! Seriously, I want one of my posts to be called 'It's Morphing Time' or something, so let's hope for him.

HeadBodyMaster, signing out.
* I play as just about everyone except for The Emperor, Cloud of Darkness, Terra, Ultimecia, and Shantotto regularly, and I like the new playstyles that are being confirmed for our newcomers. I'll probably start playing as some of these people due to their new attacks.

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