My Favorite Final Fantasy Characters Pt. 1

What's up, Head-Bodites? How've you been? Well, I've decided to let you in on my favorite Final Fantasy characters. You've read my list about my favorite games, now for my favorite characters.

FF1: Garland

"I, Garland, will knock you all down!"

Honestly, there aren't much interesting characters in Final Fantasy I. Sure, it was the first game, there were no interesting characters, and your playable characters had no personalities. Garland was the most interesting guy in the whole game due to this, if only because he had the balls to kidnap the princess of his own home kingdom, and becomes Chaos. Oh, and the quote below his pic.

FF2: Emperor Mateus


Honestly, it's the same case as Garland here. Barely anybody else interesting. At least this dude is somewhat more characterized in his game. He's the greedy assholish emperor of Palamecia who wants to rule everything, and sells his soul to do so. That's what I call dedication!

FF3: Cloud of Darkness

"Hope... despair... they are what feeds me..."

Seriously, why did the first 3 games have such bland characters that my favorite characters are, by default, the Final Bosses? Of course, Dissidia helped for all three of these ones, so... yeah. Also, she's not afraid to show off them curves. Mmmm... me likey...

FF4; Kain Highwind

"I'm not doing this for you..."

Finally, someone with personality and that isn't the Final Boss! Honestly, unless you're retarded (or BlueHighwind), it's always between Kain and Rydia for FF4. And Kain is just so badass that I can't resist him!* The fact that he's a dragoon helps.



You should have seen this coming from a mile away, and if you didn't, you must have serious issues. What isn't there to love about this guy? He's overly confident, hilarious when he messes anything up, wields multiple swords, can morph, has a trusty steed (Enkidu), is based on a real myth about a real king, has the most appearances in any FF game EVER, AND started the tradition of the Quirky Minibosses! THAT is deserving of a spot in Dissidia 012 and this list!

FF6: Kefka Palazzo

"C'mon! Let's play!"

Yeah, he's on my list. And sure, he's a gay clown, but he's an INSANE gay clown, and that makes all the difference. His insanity makes me roll on the floor with laughter, while my younger sister finds it cringe-worthy. What a pussy.

Well, I feel that I've got to put the rest on hold for now. Mostly because I feel like I shouldn't put too much more on this post.. This is HeadBodyMaster, signing out!

* I'm a straight male, so don't take that comment too literally.

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