My Favorite Final Fantasy Characters Pt. 2

Hey, Head-Bodites. Sorry I didn't complete the list last post. I just didn't know the limit to which the post's length could be, so I just put half the list up. Yeah, there's still 7-12 to go. Not 11 because it's an MMO, not 13 because I haven't played it, so I have to go with Lightning by default, and no non-numbered game. So, let's crank out the rest of this motherfucker, eh?

FF7: Sephiroth

"I'll bring you dis pear..."
If you know me in real life, you know this already. He's just so badass that I can't not love him! Sure, he's a momma's boy, and sure, he stalks Cloud, but his ruthless murdering, voice (except for in Kingdom Hearts 1), and theme music cancel out the damage those should do! He's the very fucking reason I'm even into Final Fantasy! That's deserving of being my favorite FF character of ALL TIME!*

FF8: Laguna Loire

"ARRGH! My leg's cramping up!"

Okay, I may not know much about the dude, but from what I do know about him, that makes him my favorite character from 8. His leg cramps, when he tickled his friends when they were dying, then threw them off a cliff, all down to his Limit Break and Theme music! Dude's hilarious, which is a huge relief compared to emo-er Squall.

FF9: Kuja

"Let us make beautiful music!"

Honestly, I just plain don't like most of the rest of the cast of FF9. Sure, Zidane's the perfect example of what all RPG protagonists should be, and sure, Vivi is the most popular character from the game and i hope for him in Dissidia 012, but that doesn't change the fact that Kuja is a seemingly all-powerful, incredibly flamboyant narcissist! That's what makes me like him.

FF10: Jecht

"Gonna cry? Are you gonna cry?"

Jecht is basically the Final Fantasy version of Chuck Norris, combined with Captain Falcon. He's the manliest man in the entire series (as in, he actually looks like a man) and is kind of emotionally abusive to Tidus, the second worst protagonist in all of gaming history! That deserves some points! And with his new move in 012, Jecht Beam, it looks like he's just turning more badass! Of course, there will be Shoop da Whoop jokes flying around, but that's inevitable.

FF12: Balthier

"I play the leading man, who else?"

As BlueHighwind put it in his Final Fantasy XII walkthrough, it's either Balthier or Basch who gets to be your favorite character. It just depends on preference. And though I am drawn to Basch's slightly badass demeanor, I have to go with Balthier here. He has the best voice acting in any video game ever, knows how to be lighthearted in even the most desperate situations, and puts down Vaan, the SINGLE worst video game character EVER. Why shouldn't Balthier be on this list? Seriously, give me 10 good reasons why he shouldn't be on. But good luck finding them.

Well, that's my list of my favorite Final Fantasy characters. Expect a list of my favorite music before Dissidia 012 comes out. HeadBodyMaster, signing out!

*Sephiroth really is my favorite FF character. I mean it.

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