Some New Dissidia News

Head-Bodites, I am going to make this a quickie, okay? Okay.. This weekend was the Jump Festa 2011 over in Japan, showing new Dissidia 012 info and stuff, and we didn't even get much info! I mean, we got some new combos and moves, sure, that's fine. We saw some of Firion's improvements, and that's a step in the right direction, too. We even learned about a couple new stages and songs! The Phantom Train(FF6) and Empyreal Paradox(FF11) are the stages, and the new music is Neo ExDeath(FF5) and FF3's normal battle theme.

Unfortunately, there's a lack of character confirmation. All the info there is on a new character is that the people who saw the closed trailer claim to have seen Yuna's feet. Who's Yuna, you ask?

Here's your answer, you unfortunate fuck.

Honestly, I can't really trust those 4, maybe 5 people who claim this until I see some proof. Oh yeah, and Gilgamesh's FF12 incarnation MIGHT have been confirmed to be a summon. That doesn't kill his chances, though! Here's HeadBodyMaster, signing off!

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