The Conference is Over...

Well, the Square Enix conference over in Japan is over, Head-Bodites. It wasn't that disappointing, thanks to some of the new information.

First off, Final Fantasy Agito XIII has been renamed Final Fantasy Type-0 and is coming out around Fall. Also, a new trailer for Versus XIII was shown and it's coming out Winter. Speaking of Winter, Final Fantasy XIII-2 was recently announced and is coming out winter. Seriously Square? You suck at multitasking! Working on the Kingdom Hearts series along with Versus XIII, Type-0, Dissidia 012, FFXIV and FFXV?! Yeah, good luck releasing all that any time soon.

Oh yeah, the Dissidia news. Well, Dissidia Duodecim Prologus, the demo of Dissidia 012, was released on Japanese PSN recently, so it must be available sometime soon internationally. The bonus you get for downloading it is having Aerith Gainsborough from FFVII an Assist character in Dissidia 012. Now onto the new costumes.

Thanks to the demo, we learned just about every new costume so far. So that this post isn't too huge, I'll just list the new ones: Warrior of Light got the NES Fighter appearance, Garland got a demon form the Amano picture "Demon in the Clouds," Firion got another Amano appearance, Emperor got his appearance in the intro to Final Fantasy Origins, Kain got the Hooded Man appearance, Bartz got his Freelancer appearance, ExDeath got Neo ExDeath, Tifa got her Cowgirl outfit, Laguna got his President outfit, Zidane got his stolen Pluto Knights outift, Kuja got a black-and-white color swap, Yuna got her wedding dress and Amano appearance, Shantotto got some scholar outfit, Vaan got his FFAT2 outfit, and Lightning got some kind of military uniform.

Now onto the two new characters!

Final Fantasy XI: Prishe
Where's Eald'narche?! GODDAMMIT, SQUARE!
So we got another Cosmos rep for FFXI. That's just fuckin' retarded! Where's the villain?! Who will Shantotto and this little loli oppose?! Okay, I don't know much about Prishe here, but I know that she curses a lot, so she's leaning toward my positive side. She shows up towards the end of trailer talking to someone who many believe to either be Cid Raines or WoL's 3rd costume. Apparently she's a White Mage/Monk, so she may be somewhat intersting to play as.

After this little disappointment, you'd think the next reveal would be disappointing too, right? WELL, YOU'RE DEAD WRONG, MOTHAFUCKA!



YAY, she's not a Gunner!
IT'S ABOUT FUCKING TIME, HEAD-BODITES! Yuna got officially revealed by magazine earlier today to be in Dissidia 012. All that's currently known is that she's a Summoner(YES!!!*) who attacks using Aeons, like Shiva and FUCKING BAHAMUT, BITCHES! Also, this has been common knowledge for a while, but every newcomer revealed from now on will be from a game from the SNES era at least. So GILGAMESH still has a chance! YAY! I don't really have any more info at the moment, but this post will be edited by the end of the week with more info. Speaking of, at the end of the week is my first HBM Review. Here's HeadBodyMaster, signing off!


My Least Favorite Final Fantasy Characters

Greetings, Head-Bodites! It's been about a week since we've talked like this! I bet you want to know how my New Year's going.* Well, that has to wait. For now, I'm putting  my least favorite Final Fantasy characters. Y'know, since I put my most favorite. And don't worry, it'll all be one post.