Square, Y U NO?

Well, we're nearing the end, Head-Bodites. Dissidia 012 is gonna come out in Japan in a couple weeks, and then Pokemon Black/White comes out a few days after, so I have something to occupy me until the 22nd when Dissidia 012 comes out here in the U.S. I'm most definitely getting the pre-order bonus from Gamestop, thank you very much.

Okay, today was... fairly interesting when it came to new info. First up, Prishe's 3rd outfit puts her in a bikini. As we all know, bikinis are the clothing of the gods, so I must use this. But that's nothing compared to GILGAMESH!


GILGAMESH & Noob Saibot

Well, Head-Bodites, the fateful day has passed us by. Gilgamesh has finally been officially confirmed!

*insert angelic choir here*


A Little Dissidia Info + Apologies

Hey Head-Bodites, I'm back. Sorry for the absence, I had mid-term exams and was preoccupied with... other unimportant things.

First up, new Dissidia info! Of course, it's barely anything because Prishe and Gilgamesh were only JUST revealed and we only have 1 stage to go. This is, thankfully, info on the ENGLISH version!. Basically everyone from the first Dissidia has the same voices. Ali Hillis is returning as Lightning (need some Hot Sauce for some more spiciness?), I guess Liam O'Brien (y'know, Gaara.) is returning as Kain, Hedy Buress is returning as Yuna (why not Auron?! SERIOUSLY?!), Vaan's voice got deeper (wait, so he finally grew a pair?) and Laguna's voice is simply amazing, judging from the new vids on the English site. Also, we get Dissidia 012 a full 3 FUCKING WEEKS after Japan. hey, at least we don't have to wait ANOTHER FUCKING YEAR like with the first Dissidia.