GILGAMESH & Noob Saibot

Well, Head-Bodites, the fateful day has passed us by. Gilgamesh has finally been officially confirmed!

*insert angelic choir here*
His fighting style has also been revealed as using different swords to attack his opponents, or being a "Scramble Fighter." His HP Attacks are Blue Magic attacks and others he uses in FFV, like Jump, Rocket Punch, and Death Claw. His EX Mode is Secret Blade, where he morphs into his true form from FFV. This allows him to use different random weapons that generate random bonuses. His EX Burst, The Strongest Blade, allows him to choose between Excalibur and Excalipoor to strike his opponent.

Plus, Squall has had a new costume confirmed. It's his outfit as Leon from Kingdom Hearts.

I'd use it.
You get it if you purchase a certain issue of V-Jump magazine, or with the European Legacy Edition. Also, if you pre-ordered Dissidia 012 in the U.S., you may get 1 of 2 outfits. From Gamestop, you get Cloud's KH costume, and from Amazon, you get Tifa's Amano costume.

Also, I've been getting more into the new Mortal Kombat game the more I see of it. I mean, I love blood and gore, but DAMN, man! Just yesterday, one of the maybe last characters was confirmed: Noob Saibot.

Knew it.
I honestly knew he would get in. Really, it was just a hunch. Now, maybe 1 to 4 characters need to be confirmed (y'know, it was confirmed in an interview that there would be 26 playable characters). I don't know about you, but I'm hoping for Smoke, Kabal, Sheeva, and Rain.

Well, I guess that's it for now. So long, Head-Bodites.

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