A Little Dissidia Info + Apologies

Hey Head-Bodites, I'm back. Sorry for the absence, I had mid-term exams and was preoccupied with... other unimportant things.

First up, new Dissidia info! Of course, it's barely anything because Prishe and Gilgamesh were only JUST revealed and we only have 1 stage to go. This is, thankfully, info on the ENGLISH version!. Basically everyone from the first Dissidia has the same voices. Ali Hillis is returning as Lightning (need some Hot Sauce for some more spiciness?), I guess Liam O'Brien (y'know, Gaara.) is returning as Kain, Hedy Buress is returning as Yuna (why not Auron?! SERIOUSLY?!), Vaan's voice got deeper (wait, so he finally grew a pair?) and Laguna's voice is simply amazing, judging from the new vids on the English site. Also, we get Dissidia 012 a full 3 FUCKING WEEKS after Japan. hey, at least we don't have to wait ANOTHER FUCKING YEAR like with the first Dissidia.

Now, some other misc. info. The new stages so far are:
FFII: Hell's Throne
FFIII: Crystal Tower
FFVI: Phantom Train
FFIX: Prima Vista
FFXI: Empyreal Paradox
FFXII: Sky Fortress Bahamut
FFXIII: Orphans' Cradle

New music was revealed on the OST's site, too! The tracks are:
FFI: Matoya's Cave, Gurgu Volcano
FFII: Dungeon, Imperial Army's Theme
FFIII: Crystal Cave, Doga & Unne's Pavilion
FFIV: Suspicion, Dungeon, Theme of Love
FFV: Dungeon, My Home Sweet Home
FFVI: Searching for Friends, Phantom Forest
FFVII: Tifa's Theme, Forested Temple, Those Who Fight
FFVIII: Find Your Way, Julia, Premonition
FFIX: You're Not Alone, A Place To Call Home
FFX: Yuna's Theme, Via Purifico, A Fleeting Dream

I'm not including the tracks included in the demo because you know about them by now. Notice how only the games with revealed new characters (Other than V and XI) have 3 tracks listed here. Hmmm, World map and Dungeon Music, anyone?

Also, that review? Sorry, it's not happening, guys. Well, keep it real head-Bodites. HeadBodyMaster, signing out!

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