Square, Y U NO?

Well, we're nearing the end, Head-Bodites. Dissidia 012 is gonna come out in Japan in a couple weeks, and then Pokemon Black/White comes out a few days after, so I have something to occupy me until the 22nd when Dissidia 012 comes out here in the U.S. I'm most definitely getting the pre-order bonus from Gamestop, thank you very much.

Okay, today was... fairly interesting when it came to new info. First up, Prishe's 3rd outfit puts her in a bikini. As we all know, bikinis are the clothing of the gods, so I must use this. But that's nothing compared to GILGAMESH!

Fuck, Gilamesh didn't get his FFXII costume, which I WANTED THE MOST. Knowing Square, it'll probably be his DLC, obscenely overpriced. >_>

So his alts are his FFVIII outfit and his sprite's original appearance. Couldn't they have combined his sprite and Amano Art for his 1st costume?! I mean, with Sephiroth, Squall, CoD, etc. it works out fine! Well, gotta make do with the FFVIII costume for now.

Well, now I gotta find something to pass the time for the next few weeks... so long for now, Head-Bodites...

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