Dissidia 012: My Thoughts

Hey there, my loyal Head-Bodites. Sorry I couldn't review Dissidia 012 on Saturday. I still haven't beat Story 000 and unlocked Feral Chaos, plus I was so obsessed with getting everyone past Lv. 70 before I started the story! Well, my PSP charger is broke, and to help cope with that, I'm going to give a paragraph or two of my thoughts on the game.

My expectations were met. Just barely, but still, they were met. All the newcomers are fun to play with (especially GILGAMESH~!!) and the improvements made to the returning cast are great! The new music certainly doesn't disappoint, but I find the amount of new stages... lacking. And, my god, I love playing with these new Alternate costumes (especially Cloud's)! Can't wait for all the other DLC costumes to come out!


Quick Apology

Hey Head Bodites. Sorry for last week. I wasn't feeling motivated to update. I'm just updating to say this and that Saturday, I'll give my thoughts on Dissidia 012, since I have to get it today because I wanted the friggin' preorder bonus! >_>

Well, HBM, Signing off.


Pokemon: Black and White Quickie

What's up, Head-Bodites? You keep it real. You always do.

Well, I got Pokemon Black, and I've got to say, I'm impressed. Compared to the 4th generation games(other than the G2 remakes) this is GREAT! Unfortunately, I haven't really gotten into it that much, so I haven't even beaten the 3rd gym yet. Of course this is thanks to hype from Dissidia 012, Mortal Kombat, and Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection.

Well, I can't review Black for a few months, at least. Next week, I talk about the demo for MK, and the English version of Dissidia 012 Prologus. HBM, signing out!


Dissidia 012 Is Out!

Well, those lucky Japs got it, Head-Bodites. Dissidia 012 came out for them. And with it, some news!

First up, the 'new' character: Desperado Chaos!

Holy shit, that is so fucking metal!
Well, he's broken. His gameplay has shown amazing attacks, and an even more amazing EX Burst! Unfortunately, his BRV drains constantly, but only a little bit per .6 seconds or so. New main, here we come!


HBM Reviews: Punch-Out!!

"Keep it clean and come out boxing!"
Hey, Head-Bodites. Guess what? I've been replaying this game recently (had it since it came out) and realized I need to give it a little review. Mostly, I'm just feeling nostalgic with this game, despite this being my first Punch-Out game (I'm only 15, y'know), so let's get this thing rolling.

But first, a few things. I'm doing my reviews in a certain way. First, I go through the plot, then the characters, gameplay, music, and extras. Each of those gets a rating out of 10. I then give an overview and a rating out of 10 based on everything else. Simple, right? Okay, let's roll!