Dissidia 012 Is Out!

Well, those lucky Japs got it, Head-Bodites. Dissidia 012 came out for them. And with it, some news!

First up, the 'new' character: Desperado Chaos!

Holy shit, that is so fucking metal!
Well, he's broken. His gameplay has shown amazing attacks, and an even more amazing EX Burst! Unfortunately, his BRV drains constantly, but only a little bit per .6 seconds or so. New main, here we come!

Also, some new costumes. Zidane and Kuja's 4th costumes were leaked recently:

Well, just like you'd expect, Kuja's is kinda... the other way, if ya know what I mean. Zidane's, on the other hand, is definitely the one I'm using now.

Also, the bonus for buying Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection has been revealed:

Cecil's sprite appearance...
Aw, I was hoping for his After Years appearance, but W/E, this is pretty cool anyway. Still using his DS appearance, though.

Now, the last DLC Costume: WoL's.

Aw, hell yeah!
I knew it! I knew this would be his DLC! Helmetless WoL! Still using Fighter, but at least they didn't waste the damn model!

Now that that's out of the way, the OST is now available on iTunes. Download whatever songs you want, it'll be worth it! Or if you're a cheap-ass fuck like me, you'll download them using a Youtube mp3 converter.

Well, that's basically all the news I know of. Now all of us in the US and Europe and everywhere else have to wait another couple weeks. Thankfully, I'll have Pokemon Black to keep me busy, plus I recently got Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks, Soulcalibur IV, Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing, and Super Punch-Out!!, so even when it gets boring, I'll have like 4 other games to keep me busy!

Well, you'll next see me talking about Pokemon Black (not a review until I beat the Elite 4). HBM, signing out!

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