Dissidia 012: My Thoughts

Hey there, my loyal Head-Bodites. Sorry I couldn't review Dissidia 012 on Saturday. I still haven't beat Story 000 and unlocked Feral Chaos, plus I was so obsessed with getting everyone past Lv. 70 before I started the story! Well, my PSP charger is broke, and to help cope with that, I'm going to give a paragraph or two of my thoughts on the game.

My expectations were met. Just barely, but still, they were met. All the newcomers are fun to play with (especially GILGAMESH~!!) and the improvements made to the returning cast are great! The new music certainly doesn't disappoint, but I find the amount of new stages... lacking. And, my god, I love playing with these new Alternate costumes (especially Cloud's)! Can't wait for all the other DLC costumes to come out!

Okay, the story was fairly disappointing. I mean, the only way to do anything even remotely close to a Chaos story is in some of the Reports. ONLY. SOME. Don't you just love Square's retarded decisions?! Also, the new voice acting is... fairly well done, with the notable exceptions of Lightning (emotionless), Tifa (voice always changing for no reason and improper emotes), and Yuna (Well... her voice has always been bad...). Thankfully, this is all balanced out by the pros I mentioned above.

All in all, this is an awesome game. I'll see you either later in the week or next week when I give my review on Final Fantasy IV DS (which I'm close to beating... finally... >_>). HBM, signing off!

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