Hey guys! Sorry I haven't updated in a few weeks, but I was on vacation. Plus, I was engrossed by MK9 and FFIV:CC! Too bad Shao Khan made me break my PS3 controller. Fuckin' asshole. >_>

Okay, so since it's been awhile and there's more Dissidia 012 DLC, might as well list it! First up is the FFI music pack, which includes Battle, Airship, Castle Cornelia, Menu Screen, and Chaos Shrine. The Emperor and Onion Knight have gotten their 4th costumes, which are Emperor of Heaven and the Super Deformed artwork respectively. II and III have gotten music packs too. II has Magician's Tower, Temptation of the Princess, and Dead Music. III has The Boundless Ocean, Good Ol' Fellows, and Forbidden Land. FFX and FFXII have gotten music packs as well.

Well, before I sign off, let me give some semi-late news: OSAMA BIN LADEN IS DEAD!!!

USA! USA! HBM, signing off! USA! USA!

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