Bleach Recaps Ep. 230: The Filler Begins

It's finally happened, people. Last night started what is going to be about 7 to 9 months' worth of filler in my favorite show of all time, Bleach. Thankfully, this filler is regarded to be the best filler the show has had so far, so we shouldn't have to be tying ourselves down so we don't try rushing to our nice, sharp knives in the kitchen, hoping for a swift, clean, painless end to tortures like the Bount Arc. Oh yeah, I'm going to assume that since you're reading this, you have knowledge of what's happened in the English version up to bow, maybe further knowledge. I'm not explaining anything for you guys. Now onto the recap!

Before the opening theme, we get a brief explanation of just what a Zanpakuto is. For those of you who already knew all that crap, that first 45 or so seconds was a waste of time. And then the opening happens.

Just so I can get this off my chest, I really hate the current opening, Shoujo S. The first time I heard it, it was just annoying, but after a few months of it, I just want to utterly destroy whatever is playing it at the moment. Other random complaint: starting this episode, the video of the opening lags behind the audio and is suddenly in widescreen. WHY CHANGE THAT NOW?!?!

Okay, now that that's out of the way, back to the actual episode. We see a bunch of people sitting around somewhere and HOLY SWEET MOTHER OF GOD!

DAT ASS... or better yet, DAT BOD!
Ok, sorry, just had to call attention to THAT HEAVENLY HUGE ASS. Okay, so some dude who's apparently never heard of a nail clipper shows up with some dude who must be related to Scar from Fullmetal Alchemist. I swear, they have the same scar. Anyway, the pictured chick complains about "waiting", and FingerNailGuy acts creepy.

Okay, moving on, Ichigo wakes up in his spirit world and Zangetsu, his Zanpakuto, ask him if he hears something, but Ichigo's all "Dude, all I can hear is you. never wake me up again." And that's the last we see of them this week...

We then cut to Renji and Byakuya fighting in the Seireitei surrounded by millions of nameless Soul Reapers... 'cause that's a great idea! Yeah, spar using your extremely long-range weapons near an uncountable amount of innocent bystanders who totally won't get caught in the middle of it. God, sometimes the logic in anime makes me want to cut myself...

Anyway, Fingernaildude shows up for a split second and Byakuya's sword cuts him, so he's all "Screw you guys, I'm going home." We then see Toshiro, aka Captain Bankaiwhore, doing weird trippy shit with his Zanpakuto, Hyorinmaru, before turning into a chibi for no reason.

Seriously, what the fuck?!
So then, inside the squad barracks, Rangiku's pissed at her Zanpakuto for being exactly like her: lazy, moody, needy. Then Lieutenants Momo and Isane show up to tell us about their Zanpakuto's not co-operating with them, which is unusual since they have good relationships. We then see a woman, green Organization XIII member, and two little kids go up to the Head Captain's building and Yamamoto being paranoid about his office's door randomly swinging open. What he sees seems to make him shit himself.

"I haven't done that in 90 years!"
Later, all the Captains, Lieutenants, Ikkaku, Yumichika, and Rukia get called to the hill when the first squad lieutenant (who will now be known as Lieutenant Whats-His-Face) shows up and goes into cardiac arrest. When everyone starts wondering where the Head Captain is, guess who shows up? FINGERNAILGUY!

"This is not a good look for me!"
Okay, what the fuck is up with this guy? He looks like he wants to rip off Ulquiorra, but look fancy at the same time. He's not FingerNailGuy anymore, he's FancyUlqui now! Okay, so FancyUlqui is all "Your Captain's in another afterlife," but then Captain WolfPuppy shows up and decides to beat the shit out of this guy. So, like anybody who has revealed their Bankai by now, he immediately goes into Bankai to deal with the filler freak.

Unfortunately, FancyUlqui pretty much goes "I can't let you do that StarFox." and Doggyman's Bankai attacks it's owner! And then it turns into a dude who's face is on fire for some reason.

I think that's an extreme way to teach him to play dead, ya know?
So everyone tries to use their Shikai, but they don't work, and FancyUlqui says that he 'freed' their Zanpakuto. We then see a few of the people from the beginning of the episode murdering Soul Reapers for no good reason before the albino chick decides to be a buzzkill and take them all home.

Then, what one can only guess are the Zanpakuto spirits appear and go over to FancyUlqui. And... hold on...

That fine piece of ass is HAINEKO, Rangiku's Zanpakuto?!?! I guess the reasons they hate each other are just 'bodily issues' if you know what I mean...

Okay, so FancyUlqui reveals that his name is Muramasa (though he'll always be FancyUlqui to me) and that 'The reign of the Soul Reapers is over' or some shit like that.

Well, so far, this is turning out... pretty good. I want to see how each SR defeats their Zanpakuto soon, I can't wait till next week! Oh well, I don't watch fansubs or fandubs, so I'll have to. HBM, signing off!

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