Bleach Recaps Ep. 232: A Bad Romance

Hey there, guys. Sorry I couldn't update last week. It was kind of busy, what with Thanksgiving, Skyward Sword, and my INTERNET FAILING ON ME. But now I'm back... for now.

I'm gonna be honest; I can't really review Ep. 231 because I forgot about it completely after watching it. Of course Skyward Sword may have contributed to that, but it was kind of a forgettable episode. I expect you to remember what happened for episodes I don't review.*

Okay, so this episode starts with Rukia back at the Soul Society meeting with Renji about how Byakuya got utterly owned last episode, and shows us a flashback we've seen about 5 times by now, including last episode. Renji says something stupid, Rukia smacks him, and everybody fails to laugh.

Later, Rukia's ambushed by Lady Gaga, a.k.a. Sode No Shirayuki, her Zanpakuto.

Quite the Poker Face you have there, love.
Rukia, just like every other canon character in filler in anime, acts like a total retard and forgets that her Shikai won't work when it didn't just last night. Ichigo and Yoruichi arrive in the Soul Society somewhere else, and Gaga utterly owns Rukia with her own techniques. We then see a flashback of Rukia having happy times with her Zanpakuto while Kaien (remember him?) does the weirdest clap EVER.

I swear, I'll get the full animation as a gif soon.
Gaga owns Rukia some more, completely unaware that, as a filler character, she can't kill anyone canonically. Rukia, going through what I call Filleritis, seems to believe the same thing, and even if it weren't for Ichigo showing up out of nowhere (watch the episode, HE LITERALLY COMES OUT OF NOWHERE), she probably still would've somehow survived.

So Ichigo, being the utter moron that he is, decides to hold back and NOT ATTACK AT ALL. Umm,if someone was trying to FREEZE ME TO DEATH, I'm pretty sure I'd fight back, no matter who it is! SO, thanks to Filleritis, Gaga owns Ichigo, and Rukia decides to Suicide-Attack her.

This puts an end to our Love Game.
Of course, Rukia's "just barely" alive, and Gaga, being kind of a major filler character, survives for now. Ichigo, not knowing of canon character's Death-Shields in filler, believes Rukia to be really dead, and Muramasa shows up and reveals that he's a Zanpakuto.

"Bitch, get that camera out of my face!"
That concludes this week's episode. Was any of that supposed to make sense? Are we gonna see that Byakuya flashback another 9 times before they think we've got the point? And what the fuck was up with Kaien's clapping?! None of these questions will be answered in the next episode of Bleach. HBM, signing out!

* Thanks to how weird my schedule is, I think it might actually be easier if I take turns reviewing episodes with someone each week.

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