Bleach Recaps News

Hey guys, I've decided that since my sister is INCREDIBLY LAZY, I'll just do every recap after all, starting next week. She can keep doing it if she wants, but it would probably be once every season, so... yeah. HBM, signing out.


Possible Delays in Schedule

Hey guys. Thanks to the 3DS Ambassador thing finally giving me the GBA games, and Christmas, Updates other than the Bleach Recaps may be scarce. Sorry.


Bleach Recaps Ep. 234: Holy Ripoff, Batman!

Sorry my sister couldn't get last week's episode up, guys. We didn't get the full episode recorded for some reason, and she refuses to watch stuff in larts on Youtube. Yeah, I just had to type that. To summarize, Muramasa took Zangetsu out of Ichigo, who went Hollow again. Now onto the recap.