Bleach Recaps Ep. 234: Holy Ripoff, Batman!

Sorry my sister couldn't get last week's episode up, guys. We didn't get the full episode recorded for some reason, and she refuses to watch stuff in larts on Youtube. Yeah, I just had to type that. To summarize, Muramasa took Zangetsu out of Ichigo, who went Hollow again. Now onto the recap.

We start with Ukitake and Kyoraku talking about how the Zanpakuto have gone missing, and showing us that same damn flashback with Byakuya from, like, Episode 231, for the 50th time. Then Unohana shows up and tells them that Captain Mayuri has discovered that absolutely all ties to the Zanpakuto have been broken (no shit), and there's a possibility that if the Zanpakuto are destroyed, their spirits may not go back to the swords.

Meanwhile, Shuhei is talking to some random nameless Soul Reapers when something murders them from offscreen, which turns out to be Kazeshini, Shuhei's Zanpakuto- what the fuck am I looking at?!

He looks like something out of Teen Titans!
I don't even know how I'm going to be able to describe this. What kind of jokes am I supposed to use for this guy?! Fucking dammit, Kubo, stick to your own dam art style!

Moving on, Renji's still looking for Byakuya when he gets ambushed... but enough of that scene! Now we need some Ichigo in this episode BECAUSE HE'S THE MAIN CHARACTER AND THE MAIN CHARACTER TOTALLY HAS TO BE IN EVERY SINGLE EPISODE, AMIRITE GAIZ?!?!

So Ichigo wakes up in his spirit world with Muramasa, who I can only imagine was doing the creepiest things while he was asleep. They talk a bit, Muramasa reveals that he killed his owner*, I'm pretty sure Ichigo calls him a bastard, just like everyone else he fights, and then Muramasa owns him and decides to bring someone out to play...

Back to Renji, we learn that people ambushing him are... Zabimaru?!

'Cause that's totally a monkey with a snake's tail.
Honestly, what the fuck! Why can't this show remember that ZABIMARU WAS A FUCKING MONKEY! Eh, probably because last time we saw that thing was in episode 50 or something. Oh well, we've got more eye candy now.

So it turns out the kid was the Snake-Tail (now called Snake), and is a generic little brat, and he and Sexymaru constantly argue. Renji decides to leave, but they're all "FUCK THAT" and summon... their Shikai. Wat.

Meanwhile, Ichigo's now in an Upside-Down and Inverted version of his Spirit World, and Muramasa makes arms come out of his chest... which somehow summons Hollow Ichigo to the the real Spirit World. Wat.

"'Sup guys. Miss me?"
In the real world, Kazeshini is chasing Shuhei around Soul Society, and when he catches up to him, decides to quote what Shuhei said about his Zanpakuto back when he fought Findor. Y'know, the whole "GAWD I HATE THIS THANG, LOOKS LIEK IT WAS MEANT TO REAP LIVES, WHERE THE FUCK IS MY COFFEE!" Well, you should expect that when your release command is friggin' "Reap," ya tool!

Elsewhere, Snake is playing with Renji, but then Boobimaru pulls him back and starts flailing him around. Wat.

And in the final scene of the episode (FINALLY), Sperm-Flavored Ichigo and Muramasa talk about just what he is, and Muramasa tries to 'free' him, like with the Zanpakuto. Too bad it doesn't work, 'cuz Hichi just flings his sword at the dude.

Eh, this episode was mediocre. Not too bad, but not the best episode. To be honest, I just want to see the rest of the spirits and get back to the actual plot. Damn filler.

HBM, signing out.
*If you missed it, Muramasa's a Zanpakuto. I'm pretty sure that's not important at all.

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