Disney/Pixar Movies That Should Be Kingdom Hearts Worlds

Hello, people of the internet, and early-Merry Christmas! I've been thinking lately about some of my favorite Disney movies and how few of them are actually represented in the Kingdom Hearts series. I mean, sure, most, if not all, of the worlds in the KH games are based on great movies already, but there are some certain movies that still need to be put into the series. And that's what this post is about. So, here are the Disney/Pixar movies I personally believe should be put into Kingdom Hearts, and why.


Hiatus for Now

Hey guys. Just want to let you know that I'm unable to do Bleach Recaps for a while. There hasn't been a new episode since the last one I recapped and this break won't end until February. This makes no sense because the Japanese version is already over, so WE HAVE NOTHING TO LEFT CATCH UP YOU JACKASSES. Just wanted to let you know.


HBM Reviews: Street Fighter X Mega Man

Yeah, okay people, I'm really sick and tired of this bullshit. I've had nothing to review for the past couple weeks, my DVR crapped out on me, and I still have to wait for Christmas. God, please let these next 3 days fly by. Oh well, time to finally review a little something I've been looking forward to for a while; Street Fighter X Mega Man


Sorry About No Bleach Recaps

Hey guys. Sorry I haven't been doing my Bleach recaps lately. My DVR crapped out on me, and I only fixed it this week. Before I do the next recap, I'm going to make sure to watch the episodes I missed online. Once again, sorry you guys.


My Favorite Kingdom Hearts Bosses

Ah, Kingdom Hearts. One of the greatest game series of all time. I've been playing these games for nearly a decade, and I can never stop praising them. The best part of these games is definitely the awesome boss battles. So I'm going to start a new feature on my blog called "My Favorite ___________ Bosses."

Basically, whenever I'm feeling nostalgic about a series, I'll tell who I think is the best boss from each game in said series. The only rules I have are 1. No ties, and 2. No Final Bosses, Secret Bosses, or Japan-Exclusive Bosses. Obviously, you should be aware of spoilers. So, let's get to it!

Bosses Not Allowed:
KHI: Ansem, World of Darkness, Phantom, Kurt Zisa, Ice Titan, Sephiroth, Unknown (Xemnas)
KHReCom: Dusk Marluxia, Angel Marluxia, Ansem
KHII: Armored Xemnas, Dragon Xemnas, Final Xemnas, Coliseum Bosses, Sephiroth, Absent Silhouettes, Roxas, Organization Data, Lingering Will
KHDays: Xion, Riku, Dustflier
KHBbS: Final Terranort, Red Eyes Heartless, Iron Prisoner, Vanitas's Lingering Sentiment, Mysterious Figure (Young Xehanort), Monstro, Armor of the Master, No Heart
KHRec: Data-Roxas, Bug-Data Roxas, Bug-Data Riku
KH3D: Armored Nightmare, Julius


Bleach Recaps: Episode 281: Skull-Fucked

Yeah, okay, I know I'm late on the recap this week. Who gives a shit? I don't. Let's just get this shit overwith.


HBM Reviews: Playstation All Stars Battle Royale

Oh, hey you guys. It's been a while, because Thanksgiving happened. We had some good times, we had some bad. But now I have to do this review. So sit down in that chair o'yours and read this shit that I've typed up for you people. Because I ain't paying you for nothing, you know (just kidding, why would I pay you assholes).


Bleach Recaps Ep. 280: Oh, I'm Curious, All Right...

Okay, back to this again. I actually got to watch the newest episode a bit earlier than usual this time. So let's just get this recap done so I can get back to Playstation All Stars, alright? Good.


HBM's Top Ten Wii Games

Well, the Wii U has been out for a couple days now. Of course I still don't have it, due to FUCKING TAXES and shit. >_> Oh well, it's time to give the Wii it's send-off with my Top Ten Wii Games. Like always, it's out of games I've actually owned at some point. Just remember that it's all my opinion, and you don't have to agree. Just like I don't have to listen when you beg for mercy when I'm giving you a slow, painful death. >:)


HBM Reviews: Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Time to... PAPERIZE!!
Okay, I really don't feel like doing this. I'm far too hyped for PlayStation All Stars to concentrate on anything else. But whatever, this'll at least help pass the time. Plus, it's on my schedule, so... yeah.



Hey, guys! Well, I'm back to doing this again! I tell you, that Hurricane gave me the break I need. Even if it did make me miss an episode, I can get back into this thanks to not having done anything lately! Oh, for those of you who want to know what happened in between my previous recap and now, see my very brief post on that. Okay, let's start!


HBM's Top Ten Bonus Bosses

Well, here I am, back with another Top Ten list. I really like doing these, but I also know I do them too frequently. Oh well, I can't help who I am. Well, as you can see, it's top ten Bonus Bosses this time. Same rules as always, only one boss per series, and I have to have played the game they're from. Be wary of spoilers. Let's do this!


What Happened In Bleach During The Hurricane

Okay guys, you know how Hurricane Sandy recently happened, knocking out power for days here at the East Coast? Well, during that time, I was unable to watch/recap Bleach, so I'm going to just give a brief summary of what happened in those two episodes.

Basically, all that happened was Starrk finally released (had to combine with Lilynette for this), he fought a bit with Kyoraku and Ukitake, Wonderweiss and his giant pet booger showed up, his scream freed Hallibel and cleared the smoke around Barragan (not dead, by the way) and the fire around Aizen's trio, he one-shotted Ukitake, Starrk brought down Kyoraku, and the Visoreds showed up. That's it. Nothing big... wait a minute...

Well, that's it, really. Yup, nothing too big. This week's recap will be up as scheduled.

HBM, signing out!


HBM Reviews: Wreck-It Ralph

I bet none of you are shocked by the fact that I saw this movie. I mean, come on, it's pretty much one of the biggest video game movies EVER. And it's made by Disney to boot! It would be a crime to not see this amazingness! In fact, if you haven't seen this hotness yet, you are forbidden to read the rest of this review until you do (although none of you will let that stop you from reading this, will it?)! Okay, assuming you've actually seen the movie, let's go.



Well, my power's back. Yup, didn't take as long as I expected. And while we missed that single Bleach this week, I can take care of that no problem.

This storm hasn't brought all bad news, though. I finally got God of War Saga. At the time of this post, I've had the game for 3 days, have beaten 1 & 2, and am close to done with Ghost of Sparta. Also, in the newest Bleach chapter, Byakuya and Kenpachi were confirmed to just be in comas! Not as good as visibly well, but I can take it. Finally, the Final Boss of Play Station All Stars Battle Royale was confirmed to be Polygon Man in the latest trailer! Trust me, we're gonna be alright and get back on schedule quickly!

HBM, signing out!



Hey guys. Sorry I haven't updated in a while. You see, I live in New Jersey, one of the areas affected by Hurricane Sandy. Unfortunately, we were hit hard enough to lose power. The only reason I can even post this is because I'm at my aunt's house and she recently got power back. So, I'm not going to be able to post until my power gets back, which may take more than a week from what I've heard. Sorry guys. I may delete some unwanted posts once power is back. I  don't know about anything at the moment, but I'm pretty fucking pissed about this whole thing. Oh well, at least I'm missing school this way. XD

HBM, signing out.


Bleach Episode 276: Complete Pointlessness

Okay, this episode was pointless. I'm being serious. At least half of this episode could have been cut out and it would have been a much better episode. But instead, we get stupid fatass shenanigans. *sigh*

My Thoughts on the Playstation All Stars Beta

Okay, this will be a really short post. The gameplay is pretty good, but can be a bit awkward if you're really used to Smash Bros. I don't really like how the only modes are Training and Online, but hey, it's a Beta. I'm at least okay with each character on the Beta, with Kratos and Parappa being my best. Fat Princess and Sly can be kind of awkward to play as. Here's hoping the full game won't be a massive disappointment! :D



Okay, so you guys remember how a couple months ago, Square did the ultimate troll with TWEWY: Solo Remix? And then it was revealed that there was that picture in the secret ending of the new character? Well, instead of working on a sequel, they've been working on a SOCIAL NETWORK VERSION OF TWEWY.

I'm sorry, but just... no.

I'm severely disappointed in Square as of late. The only good games they've come out with this year are Theatrhythm and KH3D. And even then, the last good game they made before that was DISSIDIA 012!!! And seriously, a social network version instead of a fucking sequel?!?! At least with Metal Gear Solid: Social Ops, we know they're also working on 2 sequels. But this... just... no.

I've lost all faith in Square. The only part of the company that doesn't have their heads so far up their asses that they're coming out of their mouths is the part that does Kingdom Hearts. Just make them the entire company and Square can make so much more fucking money. 'Cause that's what they're trying to be but failing at it: money whores.

HBM, signing out.


Bleach Recaps Ep 275: You're Too Slow

Fuck, man. So much has been happening and I don't even want to do this right now. But I have to do one a week. Whatever. I'll get back into the groove of this after a while.

Don't take my bitching as me hating Bleach; It's still my favorite anime. I'm just not feeling like recapping lately. I dunno, let's go.


HBM Reviews: Pokemon Black 2

Hello, people. Like many people born in the mid-90's, I've loved Pokemon since childhood. I was introduced to it by Pokemon Gold and Silver Versions, and I've been hooked ever since. No new main game since then* has managed to be better, but will this new one succeed? This is Pokemon Black 2.


Bleach Recaps Ep. 274: Tite Kubo Wrote This Series In A Cave... WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS!!!

Hello, children. You know what time it is? It's Recap time. OH BOY~!

Seriously though, it's getting a bit irritating doing this every fucking week. However, I will persevere! It's the best way to honor Bleach after that piece of shit Rock Lee show replaced it in Japan. Fuck you, Naru-fags.


My Current Thoughts on the Bleach Manga

Okay, I promised that once the next chapter was posted, I'd give you my thoughts on the manga right now. However, I've decided to do something different. Instead, I'm going to give my thoughts about both the Fullbringer Arc and the current arc up to now. I'll start with plot, then characters. For each. Which means this will be a long post. So, let's get started.


Bleach Recaps Ep. 273: FANSERVICE

Oh god, I don't want to do this. I just want to sit back, watch some Game Grumps, and forget that my favorite character is gone. But, I promised one recap a week, and I'll do everything I can to do so.

Oh, and I'll do a post on my new current thoughts on the manga after the next chapter is up. NOW we can start.


HBM's Top 10 Arrancars

It's been too long since I've done a Top 10 list, right? Well, if you say no, fuck off, your opinion rights have been revoked. Considering that half a year ago, I did my Top 10 Soul Reapers, here's my Top 10 Arrancars.


Entity Trailer: My Thoughts

Let me tell you guys something: I make a lot of stupid decisions. No joke, at one point in my life, I nearly got expelled from school due to a slightly threatening offhand comment I made without thinking that I couldn't follow through with anywa.  For the past couple years, though, I've spent entire days and nights on the Nightmare Fuel pages of TVTropes. But that pales in comparison to researching... THE SLENDERMAN.


Bleach Recaps Ep. 272: NO ME GUSTA

Hey guys. Once again, I'm sorry for the lack of a recap last week. Just kinda pissed off lately due to: new interface, Back to the Multiverse has been delayed, I want Phoenix Wright and UMVC3 but "MMMM, NO, TAXES", and, most importantly, SCHOOL EXISTS. GAH. This episode doesn't help, due to being the biggest tragedy in all of TV/Anime/Manga history, IMO.

By the way, if you missed last episode, Uryu attacked Ulq, Ulq broke Uryu's arm, Ichigo went Full Hollow* and went batshit on Ulq. Let's start.


This new interface...

Sorry that I didn't do a Bleach Recap last week, guys. I just really am not feeling this new interface. Why can't it just be optional, like it was until last week?! Why force those of us okay with the old into the new?! Explain, Blogger! EXPLAIN!!!!!!!!


List of Wii U Games I'm Currently Excited About

You guys know how they recently did that thing for the Wii U in New York? Well, from viewing the trailers that I did (and other info floating around the interwebs), I've made a small list of the games for said system that I want. Here we go:

Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition
Injustice: Gods Among Us
Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth
New Super Mario Bros. U
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge
Nintendo Land
Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed
Super Smash Bros. 4
Tank! Tank! Tank!
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
The Legend of Zelda Wii U
The Wonderful 101
Wii Fit U

Obviously, these won't be the only Wii U games I get. There will eventually be new games announced for this system that I'll want. The Wii U comes to American game stores on November 18th this year, however, I won't be able to get it at launch. I'm gonna have to use my Christmas/Birthday money (because, let's face it, 80% of my X-Mas gifts are money, and 100% of my B-Day gifts are the same). to get it late December/January. I hate the fact that my parents are awful at taxes...
HBM, signing out.


Bleach Recaps: Ep. 270: The Hottest Episode Ever

Have I ever told you guys how much I love Ulquiorra? Obviously not, unless you're my brain. He's pretty much my favorite anime character in the history of anything ever. And this episode is all about him pummelling the shit out of Ichigo. Therefore, this is my favorite episode of anything ever. Hence this Recap's title. Let's not waste any more time, and get rolling!


Bleach Recaps Ep. 269: Insert Immature Episode Number Joke Here

Holy lord,I'm late with this. Fucking school, existing and making me unable to do things because THEY REFUSE TO GIVE ME MY LAPTOP SERIOUSLY!!!!

Okay... onto the actual recap. We have time for my bitching in other posts...

Sorry I couldn't recap the episode previous to this, I was in New York that week. Basically, Ichigo and Ulquiorra fought some more, Loly and Menoly tried to murder Orihime again, Yammy got rid of them, and Uryu saved Hime from Yammy. Now that you're caught up, let's get ready to RECAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!

Heads up: This is pretty much the best episode since Shuhei vs. Findor. Seriously.


Screw You, Square Enix.

Recently, Square Enix put up a teaser site for a new The World Ends With You thing. Naturally, we all got excited for a sequel, though some of us were filled with dread when it was revealed that an iOS version of TWEWY was being released with remixed music. Us real fans stayed optimistic, but guess what? THE COUNTDOWN WAS FOR THE FUCKING IOS VERSION!!!!


I mean, we already knew of this before the timer ended, so why the fuck would they keep it up instead of, oh I dunno, A FUCKING TEASER FOR A SEQUEL?!?!?!

Square, you better be reading this. You're just a bunch of money grubbing assholes and you can just go to hell for doing this to your former fans. While I'll still be buying KH, FF, and future TWEWY games, It will be begrudgingly, and most likely used so I don't have to give actual money to you assholes. The fuck-nuggets at "anti-virus" companies wouldn't dare look in you direction, that's how awful you dickheads are.

In closing, next time you put up a teaser site, MAKE SURE IT'S FOR A FUCKING SEQUEL!!!

EDIT: So, I was looking around on Google, just for TWEWY iOS ost stuff, when I stumbled across this hotness:

This is apparently an image the iOS version shows after you've fulfilled the correct requirements (I have no idea at the moment). I'm not going to give my thoughts other than this: Square has restored an iota of my faith in them. As long as they can give satisfactory conclusions to the Lightning Saga, completely fix FFXIV, make this as hot as I hope, and release Type-0 in America, they're allowed another thousandth of my hope back.


Bleach Recaps Ep. 267: Stuff Happens Again

Hello, one and all! It is I, your glorious recapper for the evening, HeadBodyMaster. Now, Bleach is back to having an actual plot again, so yes, you can have that big "Bleach Is Finally Back To Having A Plot" party you haven't been planning, but my agents are forcing you to by gunpoint. Just a few notes: I only just started watching Bleach again last week, and 2. the new opening, chAnge, is quite inferior to the previous one, Anima Rossa. Alright, let's get this show off the road!


Bleach is Finally Back!

Hey guys. Remember when Bleach had a plot, and the awesomeness didn't just come from fanservice and kicking babies (which needs to happen more often in everything ever)? Well, we're finally back to that happening! Unfortunately, I won't be recapping this week's episode, seeing as it was just a massive recap of stuff that happened before the filler started nearly a year ago. In fact, I'll just make a list of what it recaps:

1. Aizen and Co. being trapped in Yamamoto's flame wall
2. Appachi, Mila-Rose, and Sun-Sun's fight with Rangiku and Momo
3. Ayon fucking destroying Rangiku, Momo, Shuhei, and Iba
4. Yamamoto destroying Ayon and frying Appachi, Mila-Rose, and Sun-Sun
5. Part of Starrk's "fight" with Kyoraku
6. Part of Lilinette failing against Ukitake
7. Soi Fon, Lieutenant Fatass, and Baraggan doing nothing
8. Part of Hitsugaya's fight with Hallibel up till she unzips her top (YES)
9. ALL* of Orihime's boring ass speech from when Ulquiorra came back from that pocket dimension, and finally:
10. The first couple seconds of Ichigo and Ulquiorra's most recent fight.

And all this, so Kubo could draw another over the top facial expression. Oh well, we're back to that plot, and that means that next week, Bleach Recaps return for good!

HBM, signing out!
* They already aired that boring ass friendship speech once, but twice?! Seriously?! Are they trying to tell those of you who don't have TiVo/DVR and have to watch when it airs to go the fuck to sleep already?!


HBM Reviews: Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

Hey guys. Sorry I haven't been posting lately, but if you haven't noticed, it's kind of summer, and I have at least the tiniest bit of a life, so I've actually been doing shit lately. Also, due to how pointless the latest Bleach filler has been, I'm on hiatus with the recaps until we get back to the actual plot. Hopefully, this will be the last time this happens, and if it's not, the next time will be sometime during the final filler arc. So.. yeah, let's get on with this!


HBM Reviews: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

Let me tell you guys something: Dissidia 012 is probably my 2nd favorite game right now (nothing at the moment contends with Brawl). However, I was fairly disappointed when Square announced that the next game in the Dissidia series wouldn't be a fighting game, but would, instead be a rhythm game. However, despite my disbelief at first, this game actually works!


Bleach Recaps Ep. 260: Actually GOOD FILLER?!?!

Sorry that I couldn't get the recaps up for the previous two weeks, guys. Last week, I was on vacation, and the previous week, it was just... that bad. Here's a recap of the last two episodes for you right here: COMPLETE POINTLESSNESS. I already wanted this filler to end enough!!! GAWD!!

Well, it turns out that not all hope is lost for Bleach's filler, as we now get the best episode since Muramasa died. I'd say the only thing that ruins this episode is the thing that takes up the majority of the episode's time even though it'll never be seen again after this...


HBM Reviews: Mario Tennis Open

Hello people. Sorry that I couldn't recap the previous 2 Bleach episodes. The less recent was... just that bad, and I was away for the more recent one, but the next one will be on schedule. With that out of the way, let's get this show on the road.


No Bleach Recap This Week + Going To New York

Hey guys. Sorry, but I can't recap this week's Bleach. It was just so... pointless. I know that you could say the same for the rest of the Bleach filler, but this was the most pointless episode since that one that showed how Keigo and Mizuiro met Ichigo and Chad. God, I hated that episode.
Oh yeah, and I'm going to New York till the end of next week, so no Bleach Recap then. Sorry, guys. Of course, I probably do need a break from Bleach, so I can regenarate my hopes for its later episodes. I promise, I'll have the next recap after up.


Bleach Recaps: Ep. 257: BOOBS!!!

Well, the week before last, we all had an unpleasant surprise when we turned on our TVs for Toonami, which is more awesome than ever, to find that Bleach's Zanpakuto Filler Arc had not yet ended, even though the obvious antagonist has just died forever. Then, when those of us who could still stomach the next month or so of filler were able to watch this last weekend's episode, we were rewarded with CLEAVAGE TITS!!! Oh, I love how anime filler makes anything possible.

Sadly, this does not fill up the entirety of the episode. The writers were trying to have a plot, and failing at it, just like with the even more terrible Amagai and Bount arcs. *shudder* However, unlike those two pieces of shit, I was able to actually watch this episode without cringing, so there's that.


HBM Reviews: Batman Arkham Asylum

Oh my god, you guys, why did I wait till last week to get this game?! Well, probably because around that time, I was so hyped for Dark Knight Rises that I just started watching random Batman stuff. Then I remembered that people consider Arkham Asylum to be one of the few actually good Batman games, and decided to get it. And boy, was I not disappointed!


HBM's E3 Reactions

Wow. I was not prepared for the amount of disappointment that there was at this year's E3. Normally, I only follow Nintendo and maybe some other companies who are showcasing games I want, but this was just... oh my god.

I'm just going to talk about the parts that interested me. By the way, I was a fool for hoping Smash Bros. 4 would be there. I mean, they're just starting development, right? Well, here we go.


Bleach Recaps: Ep 256: I'm BAAAAAACK~!

Hey, guys! I'm finally back to recapping episodes of Bleach! I mean, considering that Muramasa has finally died, the now previous arc is over! Therefore, I'm back to doing this!

Just to bring you up to speed, Muramasa was bullshitting us about killing his master, most of the Zanpakuto died and were resurrected as good guys at the last second, and Muramasa's master Koga is an asshole who, for some reason, has the same exact voice as Grimmjow. Now all the Zanpakutos are back to being swords and everyone is clearly going to forget that this ever happened! We're finally back to actual stuff happening! YAY!

Oh yeah, and the show is now rated PG for some reason. There's now barely any swearing or blood. And it's not just because Toonami's back (and more hardcore than ever), it's been like this for at least a month or 2. WAT.


HBM Reviews: Marvel's The Avengers

Well, I did it, everyone. After missing out on Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America, this weekend I did my duty as a comic book movie fan (no matter how minor) and went to see Marvel's latest cinematic venture, The Avengers. Even after only seeing 2 of the disguised commercials for this movie, I would probably say I'm fit to review this movie, seeing as how I consider my knowledge of these characters adequate enough.

First off, let me make a few things clear: I never really read any of the comic books for these characters.* I've grown up with my knowledge of these guys mostly coming from cameos in other Marvel projects, reviews, and my father, who's been an avid Marvel fan seemingly his whole life. I never really learned anything about their personalities, just that Captain America has a shield and is obviously patriotic, Thor is the Norse God of Thunder, and Black Widow is a sexy spy. I never knew who Hawkeye was, so I wasn't too attached to him when the movie began. However, I can set all that aside to enjoy this movie, right?


What I'm Hyped For About E3 2012

Hey there people. I just thought I'd give a small list of what I'm excited for that'll be shown at E3 this year and why.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance: I preordered this game over a year ago and haven't heard much about it since then. Hopefully, this year will set the release date and everything important.
New Super Mario Bros. 2: It's a Mario game. 'Nuff said.
Super Smash Bros. 4: SSBB is probably my favorite game right now, and this next one will be on the 3DS and Wii U! I'm going to need this, and they better have a trailer there!
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed: Sure, it seems like a Sega ripoff of Mario Kart 7, but come on. The other Sega All Stars games have been fun, right?
Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale: So Sony's making their own version of Smash Bros? Right on! Considering they've confirmed there'll be guest characters, hopefully at least one Final Fantasy character will make it in.
Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]: It's a new Kingdom Hearts game. 'Nuff said.
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: It's gonna be a rhythm follow up to the Dissidia games, some of my favorite games ever. That means it will be good.
South Park: The Stick of Truth: It's a South Park game. South Park is awesome. Seriously.

That's all, see you later. HBM, signing out.

The English Kingdom Hearts 3D Trailer

Hello, everybody. Well, the moment us KH fans have been waiting for is finally here. Square Enix has finally gotten off their lazy asses and released the English trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3D that they promised would be "Coming Soon" about 3 months ago! Let's take a look!


HBM's Top 10 Final Bosses

Hello, whoever you are. Remember how I made those Top 10 lists for video game Bosses and Final Boss Themes? Well it's time to finally do my Top 10 Final Bosses! Remember, only one per series (Unless it's a tie). Also, expect spoilers. Quite a bit of them. Now let's begin!


Holy shit, I have a Youtube?

Yeah, so it turns out I have a Youtube account that I haven't been uploading shit to for a while. So I decided to test a few of my random voices (as well as already known voices). Listen to my diversity! Listen and weep as it possibly lands me a voice acting job (though it most likely won't).
HBM signing out!

EDIT: I took it down. Didn't want that shit no more.


The True Opposite Day...

People! I have just discovered the true time of Opposite Day, the day that people have scoffed off as rumor and legend! Just read this theory, and hear me out!

Opposite Day is a point in time... time... that rhymes with crime! Like the crimes terrorists commit! Commit... when you get married, you have to commit to your relationship. Relationships which can be discussed with you therapist. Therapist is a job, and jobs are a way to make money... You can deposit and withdraw money at banks. Withdraw... that's the name of an attack in Pokemon, which was made by Nintendo! Nintendo also made Super Mario Bros., which is extremely popular. Popular... like a cheerleader! Cheerleaders have to attend Pep Rallies, which teachers think will make us like school just a little, but they usually end up causing the opposite reaction! Wait a minute! Opposite reaction... on days of pep rallies?! Of course! Opposite Day is whatever day there's a pep rally!

Or I just want to justify why pep rallies I want to stop existing. I dunno. HBM, signing out.


HBM's Top 10 PSP Games

Hey, y'know how I did that Top Ten list of my favorite DS games a while back? Well, isn't the PSP kinda dying too? I should do a Top Ten List for those games, right? Well, I have just barely over 10 PSP games, so I can do this! Just be aware of possible spoilers!


HBM's List of Songs Theatrhythm Would Have Had If He Could Choose

Hello, internet dwellers. In my recent Top Ten list  biggest mistakes made in the Final Fantasy series, in my #9 spot, I put "Certain Song Choices in Theatrhythm" and said that I would put up a list of the songs I would have put in the game. This isn't going to include Final Fantasies XI or XIII as I don't particularly care for those games (as well as barely knowing any songs from them). Well here it is:


HBM's Top 10 Biggest Final Fantasy Mistakes

Sometimes, the universe just isn't fair. You pick up a Final Fantasy game, thinking that it looks interesting. For the most part, it is. However, you soon discover the biggest mistake in the game, and every time you play the game after, the experience is slightly dampened by this mistake. I'm going to count down the Top 10 of what I believe to be these. If you don't agree with me here, piss off.


Looking Back On: Kingdom Hearts

Hello, viewers, and welcome to a new style of post that I like to call: Looking Back On. This is where I spend the post telling how I got into a series, and my experiences playing it's games. Due to this year being the 10th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts, this post will be about my experiences it. Coincidentally, Kingdom Hearts is probably my 2nd favorite game series of all time.* I'll not waste any more time, and start this post proper.

HBM's Top 10 Favorite DS Games

Hey guys. Sorry it took me so long to get another post up, but I've been sick (something with my lungs, IDK). But since the 3DS has been out for over a year now (how time flies), the DS must be nearing it's end. Since that's coming, I'm going to honor the DS by giving a list of my 10 favorite games on it. No real guidelines here, they just had to have been DS games released in stores (so, sadly, no Photo Dojo, even though I love that game and hope they make a 3DS sequel). Let's get this show on the road!


HBM Reviews: Kid Icarus Uprising

"Sorry to keep you waiting!"
Helo, people! It's now time for me to review my favorite game of the year so far: Kid Icarus Uprising! Let's go!


HBM's Top 10 Soul Reapers

Hello, people who are quite likely of lower intelligence than me. Before I get started on this Top 10 list, my quick thoughts on Kid Icarus Uprising; Let's just say that I beat the story in less than a day, with about an hour of that time devoted to Light vs. Dark mode. Yeah, it's hardcore, and I'm hardcore for doing that. Now onto this list.


HBM Reviews Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

Oh my god, why can't it be Friday?! Nintendo is a bunch of trolls for releasing Kid Icarus Uprising* on a Friday instead of this previous Sunday like usual! Oh well, time to review something I haven't played in a month or so. At least typing this up eats up my time. Let's get this overwith.

Metal Gear Solid is a very fun franchise. Having been playing it for 4 years, I think I know what I'm talking about here. And what better way to celebrate it's 20th anniversary than to combine the best 3 games in the series? ON THE SAME FUCKING DISC?!?! That's god damn epic.


HBM's Top 10 Stupidest Bleach Moments

Hello, people who have the time to read this! Bleach is obviously one of the best shows ever. But there are some moments that can be... stupid. I mean, really stupid. Like, they make you think "Did that really just happen?" or "Am I high?" These are the Top 10 moments like that.

Current Thoughts on Bleach

Aw, hey gaiz! What's up?

Hey guys. I've decided to give my thoughts on what's going on in Bleach at the moment, both the anime dub and the manga.

First up, the dub. Let me make one thing perfectly clear: Even though it's clearly a sin against humankind to change Kenpachi's Voice Actor, he's not that bad. He just sounds more gruff, deeper, and has less emotion. It's not the end of the world, but if I could have prevented it, I would have.


HeadBodyMaster and kim12974's Strange Bleach Character Nicknames

Hello, all. I've decided that it's been too long since I've done a Bleach related post. However, the Zanpakuto arc is far from over! Still about 20 episodes to go! So I've decided to share some strange nicknames that my 'sister,' kim12974, gives the characters of Bleach, and I sometimes go along with them. I'm not mentioning the canon nicknames she uses, like Mr. Hat and Clogs, and she doesn't use all of them now, but I'm still listing the ones that I remember. Also, a bunch of them are uncreative, and others don't make sense unless I explain to you the background behind them, so I'll do that. Here we go.


HBM Reviews Street Fighter X Tekken

A crossover of epic proportions.
Hello, people of the internet. Well, it's time for me to review what is probably the most controversial game of the year. I'm not gonna talk about any of that, but I will say right now: DLC should not mean "Disc Locked Content." On that note, let's begin.


HBM's Top 10 Final Boss Themes

Final Bosses are awesome. But you know part of what makes them awesome? The music. So I'm listing my Top Ten Final Boss Themes here. Yeah, self explanatory.


HBM Reviews: Kirby's Return to Dreamland

After all these years...
Hey guys, HBM here. Due to my schedule, it's finally time to review what is probably the greatest Kirby game so far. So let's get right to it!


HBM Reviews: Sonic Generations

Past and present, in perfect sync.
Hey guys. Well, it's finally time for me to review one of the best Sonic games ever. I have no idea why I've been avoiding this, but maybe it's because I'm a lazy fuck. Oh well, it's time, so let's go.


HBM's Top 10 Boss Battles

Hey guys. Well, I decided to just plain do my Top Ten Boss Battles. The rules are: Only from games I've actually played, no Final/Secret Bosses, and only one per series. And any Top Tens will be subject to change if I feel they need to be updated at a later date. Be aware of spoilers. Alright, let's do this!


HBM Reviews: The World Ends With You

"You have 7 Days. Fail and face Erasure."
Hey guys! Well, it's time to start the reviews I said I'd do! Thankfully, I get to start with my favorite game I've gotten so far this year: The World Ends With You. Let's start!


HBM's Future Reviews

Hey guys. I decided that, with my Christmas and Birthday gifts, I've been kind of lazy, and have avoided trying to review the newer games of the bunch (mostly TWEWY and Sonic Generations). Well, I'm going to give a list of reviews I'll be doing for the next month or so! Here it is:

2/28: The World Ends With You
3/2: Sonic Generations
3/6: Kirby's Return to Dream Land
3/14: Street Fighter X Tekken
3/21: Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection
3/26-30: Kid Icarus Uprising

The reason I'm not doing CN:PTEXL? It's too similar to the 3DS version. Just better. Also, I can't be bothered to do actual work on weekends, so... yeah.

Well, I'll try not to half ass any of these reviews... I think. Also, if I miss any of the schedule, I'm probably going through something at that point. No biggy.

HBM, signing out!


HBM's Ideal Mii Fighting Game

Hey guys. Sorry I haven't been posting since the last review, but shit comes up now and then, so... yeah.

Okay, I've been kind of irritated lately, because the "Wii ______" games have been okay at best. Y'know, Wii Party, Wii Play Motion, shit like that. Y'know what Nintendo needs to make? A Mii fighting game!

Now, I know that Zelda: Skyward Sword was the last Nintendo licensed game for the Wii, but this could be made for the 3DS and Wii U. And here are the ideas I have for what it would be like.


HBM Reviews: Soul Calibur V

 Hey, guys. It's time to review Soul Calibur V using my new style of reviewing. It's just going to be one paragraph of plot, one of pros, and one of cons from now on. Here we go!


Rankings of Games I've Got So Far This Year

What's up guys. Well, it's been 2012 for about a month, and I've already gotten quite a few games. I'm going to rank them in descending order of how much I enjoyed them and give some brief thoughts on them.


Short Hiatus & Bleach Recap Break

Hey guys. The title of this post pretty much explains it all. AREN'T MIDTERMS AWESOME?!?!

So yeah, I'm taking a break from Bleach Recaps until this arc is over. By then, I should have found another website to take screenshots from. Sorry bros. When I come back, I'll put up a review for Soul Calibur V.

HBM, signing out...


Birthdays are Awesome.

Well, I've already used most of my Birthday money. Just gonna tell you what I got so you'll know what reviews will be coming up. I got Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Kirby's Return to Dream Land, Kirby Super Star Ultra, Tetris Axis, and Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny. I also ordered Chrono Trigger DS, The World Ends With You, and Wii Play Motion online, and they should be here within the next week. I'm keeping aside about $110 to pay for Soul Calibur V, Kid Icarus Uprising, and Kingdom Hearts 3D when they come out. Thank God for preordering.

HBM, signing out!



Everyone, this is a dark time. A very dark time indeed. Today is the day the internet goes dark, to protest the SOPA/PIPA acts.

You may be asking, "Oh wise man of the interwebz, what are these random, horrible acts?" Well, in a nutshell, they are laws that Congress is trying to pass to CENSOR THE INTERNET. That's right, they're trying to shut down such awesome sites as That Guy With The Glasses, Ansem Retort, Cyanide and Happiness, Cinemassacre,  Captain SNES, and any other site that contains anything that could be deemed "child unfriendly."

Personally, I say that this is bullshit, but hey, I can't do anything about it: I'm not even 16 yet! But you can do something to stop this! Call your local congressman or senator! Write them letters, don't email them! Do whatever you can to STOP THESE FUCKING LAWS FROM BEING PASSED! Besides, what would this blog be without the right to use the word "fuck" freely?



Bleach Recaps Ep. 237: What a Lucky Day!

Hello, everyone! Sorry I couldn't recap the previous 2 episodes. To summarize, Ichigo and Hichigo forced Muramasa out of his soul and got Zangetsu back, Renji somehow used Shikai and got Zabimaru back, and Kazeshini kicked Shuhei's ass, and Izuru had to save him. I swear, I'll recap every episode starting this week.

To be honest, this arc isn't really turning out as good as I had hoped, but it's still pretty good, especially compared to the Amagai and Bount arcs. *shudder* On that note, let's start the recap!


Bleach the Movie: Fade to Black

Hello there, all! Well, this New Year's been going pretty well so far. I've gotten pretty far in all my new games, school hasn't been much of a major dick so far, and I was able to get this movie a while back! I wanted my first movie review to be something special, and considering this year marks the 5 year anniversary of my love affair with Bleach, I felt I should celebrate by reviewing the newest movie to hit American shores; Bleach: Fade to Black.

This is going to be my first movie review, so if this seems in any way mediocre, that's probably why. And don't expect any reviews for the other movies (except Hell Verse when it comes here). Welp, here we go!


Christmas Shit + Upcoming Shit

Hey there everyone. Sorry I didn't post anything during my Christmas break*, but, y'know, presents and family and shit. Also, my laptop doesn't get internet from my house,and my computer broke for literally the trillionth time, so we're getting a new one, so don't expect any updates before 7:30 am and 2:30 pm on Monday-Friday or ever during the weekends, for now.

For Christmas, I got Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, a popcorn maker, Star Fox 64 3D, Pokemon Rumble Blast, Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, and Super Paper Mario. Using my money, I got Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion XL, Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi, Sonic Generations**, and the new Bleach movie, Fade to Black, along with preordering SoulCalibur V, Kingdom Hearts 3D, and Kid Icarus: Uprising. Expect some reviews soon***

There were no new Bleach episodes on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve, which makes my life easier. I should start putting the reviews up tomorrow. HBM, Singing Out!
*My Christmas break literally started Christmas Eve, and ended today. LOGIC, AMIRITE GAIZ?!?!

**Sonic Generations is literally the first PS3 game I've ever had where I've gotten all of the trophies. I've had it since last Tuesday, and got the last few trophies yesterday. Yay, me.

***BTW, I'm getting rid of the rating system. From now on, all my reviews will just be a few paragraphs with my thoughts on them. All my former reviews will still have said system.