Bleach Recaps Ep. 237: What a Lucky Day!

Hello, everyone! Sorry I couldn't recap the previous 2 episodes. To summarize, Ichigo and Hichigo forced Muramasa out of his soul and got Zangetsu back, Renji somehow used Shikai and got Zabimaru back, and Kazeshini kicked Shuhei's ass, and Izuru had to save him. I swear, I'll recap every episode starting this week.

To be honest, this arc isn't really turning out as good as I had hoped, but it's still pretty good, especially compared to the Amagai and Bount arcs. *shudder* On that note, let's start the recap!

We start with Ichigo telling Captains Unohana, Kyoraku, and Ukitake about his encounter with Muramasa. He pretty much says that Muramasa's manipulating the negative emotions the Zanpakuto have towards their owners to bring them to his side. Then, Renji and Tittimaru show up, since Renji was able to beat them. Snake-Brat irritates Renji to the point that Unohana has to do one of her "scary" faces.

Meanwhile, over at the Zanpakuto's hideout, a fat spirit is hanging out with Kazeshini, insulting each other's owners, and the big black spirit, Hozukimaru, has to break it up. Tobiume and Haineko start arguing over appearances when the mysterious blue haired Zanpakuto and Muramasa show up. Muramasa says he's interested in Ichigo, and Hozukimaru, fatass, and Haineko all decide to try to help capture him alive.

Over with Ichigo, he's visiting Rukia, who's still concerned about Byakuya, and we get that same DAMN FLASHBACK FROM EPISODE 231 FOR THE BILLIONTH TIME!!! But then, Ikkaku shows up!

Later that night, some generic Soul Reapers get their asses handed to them, and Lieutenant Fatass, Marechiyo Omaeda, stumbles over them. His squad of generics are lazily blown past him (the animators seriously didn't care here), and we learn that the fatass Zanpaukto is actually Omaeda's Gegetsuburi.

Both of them get into an argument out of nowhere, and they start to fight, when Ichigo bursts through a wall, knocking Omaeda out. Gegetsuburi decides to target Ichigo, and Ikkaku starts fighting Hozukimaru. To confirm who he is after seeing his weapon, they decide to do... "that."

Minor complaint here: When Ikkaku first met Ichigo and performed the Lucky Dance, they used original lyrics devised by Vic Mignogna (Ikkaku's voice actor), but here, they use the literal translation of, and I'm not making this up, "Luck luck luck, luck luck luck, luck luck luck, luuuuuuck." That's just terrible.

Anyway, Ikkaku seems to be owning Hozukimaru, but he suddenly turns the tables on him. While this is happening, Gegetsuburi is being a sneaky bastard, sneak attacking Ichigo, but Ichigo defeats him. Hozukimaru uses Bankai and knocks Ikkaku away, when the Stealth Force, Soi Fon, Kyoraku, and Ukitake suddenly appear.

They surround Hozukimaru, who flees, and take Gegetsuburi away. Ichigo tries to chase Hozukimaru, but is suddenly attacked by some familiar pink wave before seeing...

It's about time he finally showed up again! So, that's how the episode ends. The animation in this episode was a little more lazy than usual, but it's still a decent episode, considering it's not in the Bount or Amagai arcs.

HBM, Signing out!

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