HBM Reviews: The World Ends With You

"You have 7 Days. Fail and face Erasure."
Hey guys! Well, it's time to start the reviews I said I'd do! Thankfully, I get to start with my favorite game I've gotten so far this year: The World Ends With You. Let's start!

The story is about a guy named Neku Sakuraba, who wakes up in the streets of Shibuya, Tokyo* one day, who has no memories except for his name. He's forced to partner up with a girl named Shiki Misaki to participate in the Reaper's Game, a week long contest where the Players of the game are forced to do one mission each day, or else they're Erased from existence. They meet with other players (such as Beat and Rhyme), and have to fight their way through the missions to keep this from happening, all while discovering things about themselves.

This game has one of the most complex systems I've ever seen. To simplify, you have to fight with Pins, which is explained in game. You can wear up to 6 Pins at a time (initially 4). The equipment is stuff like leather jackets, jeans, and caps. You can also give your characters food to increase their stats after a set number of battles. You fight using the touch screen for Neku and the top screen, with the D-Pad or XABY buttons for your partner. Neku requires all kinds of different commands, like slashing space, holding space, and blowing into the microphone(!!).

You move around on the map using the D-Pad or Touch Screen. You can scan the area you're in to read minds and fight Noise, the game's enemies. You can also go into shops to buy stuff, and you may have to fulfill certain objectives to continue onward. After you beat the story, you can go back to any chapter you want to get stuff you may have missed and the Secret Reports, which are required to unlock the secret ending.

Now, onto the characters, music, and other stuff. I love the characters in this game. There's not a single character I think couldn't be met in real life (barring fashion choices and hair styles, of course), and you get invested in Neku's quest to regain his memories. The music is astounding! One of the best soundtracks in any game I've ever heard! Particular favorites that come to mind include Calling, Emptiness And, Twister (any version), and Three Minutes Clapping. One of the aspects I really love is the drama of this game. Just about every day, there's some kind of twist that just keeps you on your toes! (For example, the ends of Days 4 and 5) Definitely one of the best games for people who love not being able to see what's coming easily.

So, obviously, this is the best fucking DS game in the history of the universe, that much is basically fact. But what are you taking my word for? Go out and get the game! NOW!**

HBM, Signing Out!
* For those of you who don't know, Shibuya is to Japan what New York City is to America.

** You'll have to look online, because when I went to buy it, no Gamestop had it. Yay for Amazon!

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