Rankings of Games I've Got So Far This Year

What's up guys. Well, it's been 2012 for about a month, and I've already gotten quite a few games. I'm going to rank them in descending order of how much I enjoyed them and give some brief thoughts on them.

11: Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny
The lack of modes ruins it. Only parts I enjoyed were Character Creation, Dampierre, the cutscenes, and the Final Battle in Gauntlet.

10: Wii Play Motion
12 mediocre minigames packed into 1. Some are fun, some have shitty controls. Stone Skipping is my favorite.

9: Soul Calibur V
Surprisingly disappointing. Backstories are unexplained, the AI is a fucking cheater, and you can't use Algol or Ezio's styles to create characters. Currwntly only enjoy Arcade Mode, Versus Mode, Online Mode, and Character Creation. Also, WHY THE FUCK IS DAMPIERRE BEST BUY EXCLUSIVE?!?!

8: Kirby Super Star Ultra
Nice short Kirby related adventures packed into 1 cartridge. One of the best Kirby experiences. THe best one is Meta Knightmare.

7: Tetris Axis
It's TETRIS. IN 3D. WITH A SHITLOAD OF EXTRA MODES. What more do you want?!

6: Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
Not very far in it, but a very enjoyable game. The little rhythm minigame when you have to strengthen Bowser's muscles is fun as hell.

5: Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection
Metal Gear Solids 2, 3, and Peace Walker all in 1 disc. That's fucking epic. 3 is still the best MGS game.

4: Chrono Trigger
Been too focused on other games to play too much of it, but very great gameplay and simple story. Currently at the point after the trial.

3: Castlevania: Harmony of Despair
One of the best Castlevania games ever. So far, I've only played as Alucard and gotten up to Level 7.

2: Kirby's Return to Dream Land
I skipped on Kirby's Epic Yarn, and didn't get Mass Attack yet, but this is truly the best Kirby game ever. It's always awesome activating an Ultra Ability for the first time or killing the final boss with Ultra Sword.

1: The World Ends With You
Only halfway through Joshua's week so far, but THIS IS THE BEST DS GAME EVER!!! Buy this game right the fuck now! How does this not have a sequel yet?!*

In March, I'll give my thoughts on the games I have preordered that come out then, which are Street Fighter X Tekken** and Kid Icarus Uprising. Review of Soul Calibur V coming out soon, then one of The World Ends With You.

HBM Signing Out!
* It's ironic that I enjoyed this the most because I only bought it to learn about the characters that are appearing in Kingdom Hearts 3D.

** I don't care what anyone says, Bad Box Art Megaman is the best guest character ever!

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