HBM Reviews: Kid Icarus Uprising

"Sorry to keep you waiting!"
Helo, people! It's now time for me to review my favorite game of the year so far: Kid Icarus Uprising! Let's go!


HBM's Top 10 Soul Reapers

Hello, people who are quite likely of lower intelligence than me. Before I get started on this Top 10 list, my quick thoughts on Kid Icarus Uprising; Let's just say that I beat the story in less than a day, with about an hour of that time devoted to Light vs. Dark mode. Yeah, it's hardcore, and I'm hardcore for doing that. Now onto this list.


HBM Reviews Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

Oh my god, why can't it be Friday?! Nintendo is a bunch of trolls for releasing Kid Icarus Uprising* on a Friday instead of this previous Sunday like usual! Oh well, time to review something I haven't played in a month or so. At least typing this up eats up my time. Let's get this overwith.

Metal Gear Solid is a very fun franchise. Having been playing it for 4 years, I think I know what I'm talking about here. And what better way to celebrate it's 20th anniversary than to combine the best 3 games in the series? ON THE SAME FUCKING DISC?!?! That's god damn epic.


HBM's Top 10 Stupidest Bleach Moments

Hello, people who have the time to read this! Bleach is obviously one of the best shows ever. But there are some moments that can be... stupid. I mean, really stupid. Like, they make you think "Did that really just happen?" or "Am I high?" These are the Top 10 moments like that.

Current Thoughts on Bleach

Aw, hey gaiz! What's up?

Hey guys. I've decided to give my thoughts on what's going on in Bleach at the moment, both the anime dub and the manga.

First up, the dub. Let me make one thing perfectly clear: Even though it's clearly a sin against humankind to change Kenpachi's Voice Actor, he's not that bad. He just sounds more gruff, deeper, and has less emotion. It's not the end of the world, but if I could have prevented it, I would have.


HeadBodyMaster and kim12974's Strange Bleach Character Nicknames

Hello, all. I've decided that it's been too long since I've done a Bleach related post. However, the Zanpakuto arc is far from over! Still about 20 episodes to go! So I've decided to share some strange nicknames that my 'sister,' kim12974, gives the characters of Bleach, and I sometimes go along with them. I'm not mentioning the canon nicknames she uses, like Mr. Hat and Clogs, and she doesn't use all of them now, but I'm still listing the ones that I remember. Also, a bunch of them are uncreative, and others don't make sense unless I explain to you the background behind them, so I'll do that. Here we go.


HBM Reviews Street Fighter X Tekken

A crossover of epic proportions.
Hello, people of the internet. Well, it's time for me to review what is probably the most controversial game of the year. I'm not gonna talk about any of that, but I will say right now: DLC should not mean "Disc Locked Content." On that note, let's begin.


HBM's Top 10 Final Boss Themes

Final Bosses are awesome. But you know part of what makes them awesome? The music. So I'm listing my Top Ten Final Boss Themes here. Yeah, self explanatory.


HBM Reviews: Kirby's Return to Dreamland

After all these years...
Hey guys, HBM here. Due to my schedule, it's finally time to review what is probably the greatest Kirby game so far. So let's get right to it!


HBM Reviews: Sonic Generations

Past and present, in perfect sync.
Hey guys. Well, it's finally time for me to review one of the best Sonic games ever. I have no idea why I've been avoiding this, but maybe it's because I'm a lazy fuck. Oh well, it's time, so let's go.


HBM's Top 10 Boss Battles

Hey guys. Well, I decided to just plain do my Top Ten Boss Battles. The rules are: Only from games I've actually played, no Final/Secret Bosses, and only one per series. And any Top Tens will be subject to change if I feel they need to be updated at a later date. Be aware of spoilers. Alright, let's do this!