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Hey guys. I've decided to give my thoughts on what's going on in Bleach at the moment, both the anime dub and the manga.

First up, the dub. Let me make one thing perfectly clear: Even though it's clearly a sin against humankind to change Kenpachi's Voice Actor, he's not that bad. He just sounds more gruff, deeper, and has less emotion. It's not the end of the world, but if I could have prevented it, I would have.

Moving on; This arc has dragged on for too long. I can see why people regard it as the best filler Bleach has (considering it only has the Bount and Amagai arcs to compete with, I'm not surprised), but it really needs to rap up in 5 episodes, not 20! Oh well, at least it means I have more time to ogle Haineko, Tittimaru, and Katen Kyokotsu. And the new theme's not bad either. Finally, I don't have to deal with fucking Shojou S anymore!

Onto the voices for the new characters: they fit. They're perfect for each character in their own ways, but I do have a few problems. For example, you can clearly hear Vic Mignogna's Edward Elric voice coming out when Senbonzakura gets a bit emotional. Kazeshini's voice can be grating to listen to for more than 3 minutes at a time, and considering he's apparently voiced by the same guy who voices Byakuya, that's surprising.* Wabisuke had no emotion for his 4 or 5 lines, and I really want to know who his VA is, even though I have a feeling it's Kirk Thornton. That's really all I have to say about the voices, as Sogyo no Kotowari and Katen Kyokotsu's voices haven't been revealed yet.

I can't really complain about the plot, and when it comes to canonicity, I just believe that filler arcs/episodes are part of their own alternate universes. Considering filler is the only stuff I don't spoil myself with when it comes to Bleach, I don't know much of what's going to happen (other than all the Zanpakuto being fixed and Muramasa's master showing up and being a dick), so I'm kind of invested in this part, moreso than with other fillers, and that's saying a lot.


Onto the manga; The Fullbringer arc ended too quickly. I hate how half of them are dead and we don't really get much backstory on Tsukishima other than "he met Ginjo when he was a Soul Reaper." I'd at least like to know how Ginjo got his powers and how he lost them! Also, why did Yukio** seem to get the most exposition on his backstory? Even Riruka didn't get as much as him, and she was far more important! Also, what was the deal with her on top of the building at the end of the arc?! Did she jump/commit suicide? Did she just teleport away? EXPLAIN, KUBO! EXPLAIN!!

I wonder who's going to voice the new characters when it gets dubbed. If I'm a VA by the time it does (which I doubt, I'll be in College or Senior Year at that point), I could do a killer Tsukishima, Shishigawara, and Giriko. But if I had to choose professional VA's for each character, I'd say Ginjo should be Travis Willingham, Riruka should be Kate Higgins, Giriko should be Michael McConnohie (he works as Barragan), Yukio should be Aaron Spann, Jackie should be Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Shishigawara should be Vic Mignogna, and Tsukishima should be either Tony Oliver, Derek Stephen Prince, or Yuri Lowenthal.


Okay, onto this new arc. Those two new kids better end up being important or I'm going to go berserk. The boy better at least deal a major blow to the final boss. I do like these Vandenreich dudes so far. Just a quick thought: how awesome would it be if it turns out all the ones who attacked Yamamoto were chicks? Ivan looks like he'll be the new Grimmjow/Ulquiorra to Ichigo, and that gets him points in my book. I also like how the supposed leader looks like Higashizawa from TWEWY.

Overall, I'd say both the Dub and manga are at pretty good places right now, which is good for the manga, as that currently means it'll end on a high note (it's the final arc). We'll just have to see how things play out.

HBM, signing out.
* Fun Fact: He also voices Sub-Zero in the new Mortal Kombat.

** Random Thought: What kind of name is Yukio Hans Vorarlberna? I'm not sure which languages/cultures are used there.

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