HBM Reviews Street Fighter X Tekken

A crossover of epic proportions.
Hello, people of the internet. Well, it's time for me to review what is probably the most controversial game of the year. I'm not gonna talk about any of that, but I will say right now: DLC should not mean "Disc Locked Content." On that note, let's begin.

Like many crossover fighting games, there's barely any story. According to this game, the Street Fighter and Tekken universes are one and the same. The way I see it, stuff like this is just in an alternate universe. Anyway, some meteor has crashed in the South Pole, and it contained some box that the people of Earth decide to call Pandora. Apparently, Pandora causes people who fight near it to become stronger. So, naturally, a fuckload of fighters have to compete to get to it.

The gameplay is pretty good. It's extremely similar to Street Fighter IV/SSFIV, but a bit more combo-friendly.You always have a partner who you tag out with by pressing Mid-Punch + Mid-Kick, or with a Launcher Attack (Hi-Punch + Hi-Kick). If either character loses all their HP, the team loses the round.

The Super Bar at the bottom of the screen (which is pretty much the EX Bar from SFIV/SSFIV) has 3 sections. When 1 us full, you can make a special move an EX move by pressing the specified 2 buttons. (like Lo-and-Mid-Punches for Hadoken). When 2 are full, you can use your character's Super Art by doing a certain button combo that you can see in their move list. If all 3 are full, you can perform a Cross Art (command is down-down forward-forward-MPunch+MKick) , which is like a 2 part Super Art that starts with the character you're currently using, and finishes by tagging the partner in and using their Super Art. Overall, the combat system is a bit better than SFIV/SSFIV in my opinion.

There aren't much modes, but Capcom's games aren't well known for their modes anyway. There's the obligatory Arcade Mode, a Versus Mode, Training Mode, Trial Mode (where you can also access the Tutorial), Online Mode, Customization, and the Store (which updates when PSN does). Customization consists of Gems, which give your characters stat boosts when certain conditions are met, Quick Combos, which let you make combos easier, Character Color, which lets you make up to 3 custom palette swaps for each character, and Title and Comment (can't remember the real name), which lets you give yourself a title and/or comment to show when you fight online.

The online doesn't seem to have any problems. Scramble Battle is a fun mode that lets all 4 fighters fight at once. Probably the only problem I've had is, occasionally when I fight someone who's far away enough, the fight automatically disconnects. People have already talked about the sound effect failure that frequently happens, so I won't go over that.

Overall, this is a pretty good game. The characters work (except for certain characters, like Jin), the modes are plentiful enough, and other than the Disc Locked Content, you're getting your money's worth. If you really want the DLC that bad, wait for the Vita version.

HBM, signing out!

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