HBM's Top 10 Soul Reapers

Hello, people who are quite likely of lower intelligence than me. Before I get started on this Top 10 list, my quick thoughts on Kid Icarus Uprising; Let's just say that I beat the story in less than a day, with about an hour of that time devoted to Light vs. Dark mode. Yeah, it's hardcore, and I'm hardcore for doing that. Now onto this list.

#10: Renji Abarai

Yes, I know that Renji barely ever wins any of his fights, but so what? When he does win (or at least get close), it's in a hardcore way. Plus, he's kind of like a less intelligent, shorter-tempered, weirder-hair-styled version of me. Therefore, I can relate to him, and that kind of makes me like him more.

#9: Sosuke Aizen

Aizen is a complete dickhole. He doesn't give a fuck about anyone, he plays with people's emotions, and when we finally see him get off his lazy ass and fight, he's really damn strong. And that's fucking awesome. Sure, he's kind of bland and his powers are broken, but I still like him.

#8: Izuru Kira

For some reason, I always end up liking the 'emo' and 'flamboyant' characters. Luckily, Izuru only covers the emo part. He seems to be completely emotionally detached from everyone in a really weird way, but his Zanpakuto's powers are pretty cool, and I just really like his voice (Grant George who also played Warrior of Light in the Dissidia games).

#7: Shuhei Hisagi

Shuhei is also the kind of 'emo' person who seems to catch my fancy (not that way, you pervs >_>). His design seems to invoke a punk kind of guy, yet his personality is more soft-spoken, analytical, and nice. His Zanpakuto is cool, his appearance is cool, his voice is cool, 'nuff said.

#6: Ichigo Kurosaki

As the main character in a show with a fuckload of characters, of course Ichigo has to stand out. But he's more of a believable protagonist, as he has fights that he loses, and noticeable character flaws. His powers are still pretty cool, and his Bankai gives him DAT PIMPCOAT. Probably the coolest main character in anything in my opinion.

#5: Gin Ichimaru

Yes, Gin is creepy as fuck, with that constant smile and the closed eyes and the mocking tone of his voice. But he's also pretty cool with how he handles just about everything without even a shred of emotion showing (except for those occasional times), his Zanpakuto's abilities, and the way he kept his true plans hidden until moments before his death, and even then, it was only to the man he wanted to kill! Bad. Ass.

#4: Toshiro Hitsugaya

I know that Hitsugaya is despised here in America, but I don't understand why. I think he's pretty cool, and I'm American born-and-raised! He does things his own way, without losing his confidence against his enemy, and when he loses his temper, IT'S FUCKING EPIC. His Zanpakuto powers are awesome, and his voice* is awesome! What the hell isn't to like?!

#3: Ikkaku Madarame

A bunch of the reason Ikkaku's on this list is an inside joke from a terrible home-made comic I occasionally work on (but probably won't put on the internet). However, after that joke started, I began to notice how cool Ikkaku actually is. He's a 3rd Seat with a FUCKING BANKAI. His love for battle makes him perfect for the 11th Squad, and his Zanpakuto seems to be designed to make battles more fun for him! Along with that, he's voiced by Edward Elric! If that's not awesome, I don't know what is!

#2: Kenpachi Zaraki

Holy lord, this guy's awesome! He's probably the most bloodthirsty guy in the whole series, and due to his wanting funner fights, he handicaps himself, and is STILL SLIGHTLY STRONGER THAN THE AVERAGE CAPTAIN. If that's not awesome, than what is?! Seriously!

#1: Byakuya Kuchiki

I don't know why I always like girly looking guys the most in series like this, but I do, so whatever. Anyway, Byakuya is one badass mofo. He's about as strong as an Eyepatch-less Kenpachi, is one of the faster characters in the series, and can look awesome even when surrounded by a flurry of pink flower petals. His abilities could hit you before you know what happened, and he's probably the 2nd to 4th strongest captain in the series. For the 3rd time, if that's not awesome, what the fuck is?!

Well, that's my Top 10 Soul Reapers. Look out for my Kid Icarus Uprising review next week. Spoiler Alert: It's the best 3DS game so far.

HBM, Signing Out!
* Fun Fact: The guy who voices Hitsugaya also voices Hisagi, Kadaj from FFVII: Advent Children, and Neji from Naruto. The internet is amazing, isn't it?


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