HeadBodyMaster and kim12974's Strange Bleach Character Nicknames

Hello, all. I've decided that it's been too long since I've done a Bleach related post. However, the Zanpakuto arc is far from over! Still about 20 episodes to go! So I've decided to share some strange nicknames that my 'sister,' kim12974, gives the characters of Bleach, and I sometimes go along with them. I'm not mentioning the canon nicknames she uses, like Mr. Hat and Clogs, and she doesn't use all of them now, but I'm still listing the ones that I remember. Also, a bunch of them are uncreative, and others don't make sense unless I explain to you the background behind them, so I'll do that. Here we go.

Ichigo Kurosaki: Ichiman
Rukia Kuchiki: Rukes
Yasutora "Chad" Sado: MMMMH (that's all his dialogue ever)
Uryu Ishida: UUUUUUUU (I could not be making this up if I tried)
Renji Abarai: Curly Eyebrow Man (even though they're tattoos)
Kenpachi Zaraki/Yachiru Kusajishi: YachiPachi*
Gin Ichimaru: Smiley
Shigekuni-Genryusai Yamamoto: Old Fuck Yamamoto
Soi Fon: Soi-Thong, Soi-Bubba (because she's like a human version of our cat Bubba, who is female)
Hanataro Yamada: Hamtaro (there's barely any difference in the spelling)
Sosuke Aizen: Aizen the Asshole (he's a dick)
Sajin Komamura: Wolfman
Shunsui Kyoraku: Drunky, Drunkman
Kaname Tosen: Tosen with a U (because of the Engrish spelling), Craphair (his dreads), Racist (she claims he's racist)
Toshiro Hitsugaya: Captain Little Boy
Ikkaku Madarame: Ikks
Yumichika Ayasegawa: Fabulous-Man (DAT FASHION SENSE)
Mayuri Kurotsuchi: Black-and-White Face Man
Jushiro Ukitake: Uki, Captain TB
Yoruichi Shihoin: Yoruichi Shihoho, Yodabubba, Madam Lady Yoruichi San Chan Kun (Soi Fon's worship of her)
Shinji Hirako: Toothman (DEM TEETH)
Hiyori Sarugaki: Kicky McSlappy (she kicks people and slaps them with her sandal)
Kensei Muguruma: Kensai (Misspelling from a tweet)
Love Aikawa: Lulu (WAT)
Rojuro "Rose" Otoribashi: ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWAH (WAT)
Hachigen Ushoda/Mashiro Kuna: MashiHachi
Coyote Starrk: Starrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrk (comes from when they revealed that his last name actually has 2 R's)
Barragan Louisenbairn: Barrafuck, This Old Fuck, Barragan Lesbian (she doesn't even try to pronounce his last name correctly)
Choe-Neng Poww: Chunin Po (we got a cat named Paul around the time the English dub introduced this guy. We sometimes call her Po. We decided to add the Chunin from hearing this guy's name.)
Tier Harribel/Halibel: Harry Balls (the reveal of her last name's official spelling), Two Girls One Cup (I guess because she decided she needed a nickname for her before Harry Balls?)
Ulquiorra Cifer: Stranger Danger (once, I was pretending I was Ulquiorra and was trying to get her to "come with me, little girl" as she was yelling "STRANGER DANGER!!!" It stuck.)
Grimmjow Jaegerjaguez: Grimmjow JAGGAJA (she doesn't try to spell his last name correctly), Grimmkitty (his release)
Szayel Aporro Granz: Magic Eight Ball (she's obsessed with him and he's Espada 8?)
Aaroniero Arruruerie: Lava Lamp (take a guess)
Yammy Llargo: Yum-Yum
Wonderweiss Margela: Wonderbread (comes from ILMB on deviantart)
Loly Aivirrne: Lols
Riruka Dokugamine: Rirukia
Kurodo: Dr. Riddles (his Gigai/human form reminds her of Dr. Riddles from Zatch Bell)
Makoto Kibune: Magic 8 Ball Reject (He's a terrible reject of Szayel)
Shusuke Amagai: I'm A Guy (his last name)
Suzumebachi: Suzumebubba (Because she's "Soi Bubba's" Zanpakuto?)
Haineko: Hainebabe, Hainebutt
Every Other Filler Character: Those Needless Dickholes
Seigen Suzunami: Captain-Man
Anyone: *insert all but last two syllables here*-Bubba
The show itself: Blech (A series of tweets she made when she was catching up on the anime, commenting on silly things that we were laughing about)

Yeah... wasn't that kind of weird? Sometimes she doesn't know who I'm talking about unless I use one of these names. This is probably the most random post I've done. If I forgot any, I'll add them later. I'll be seeing you for Bleach stuff again soon,

HBM, signing out!
* I ship it. Mostly because I have major issues.


  1. oh jesus, yes

    what about lava lamp?

    1. Ohhhhhh yeah.

      And do you have any nicknames for the Zanpakutos and the dudes from the new manga arc?

    2. Also, one of Grimmjow's should be GrimmMeow.

    3. suzumebubba

      and then im pre sure i call the rest by there names.... idk lol.


  2. i call Riruka Rirukia.... dont ask why though

    1. It's funny because Riruka goes inside Rukia.



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