HBM's List of Songs Theatrhythm Would Have Had If He Could Choose

Hello, internet dwellers. In my recent Top Ten list  biggest mistakes made in the Final Fantasy series, in my #9 spot, I put "Certain Song Choices in Theatrhythm" and said that I would put up a list of the songs I would have put in the game. This isn't going to include Final Fantasies XI or XIII as I don't particularly care for those games (as well as barely knowing any songs from them). Well here it is:

FFI: Field: World Map
Battle: Battle
Event: Underworld Shrine
Chaos Mode: Chaos Shrine (Field)
Encore: Mt. Gulg (Event)

FFII: Field: World Map
Battle: Battle 2
Event: Rebel Army
Chaos Mode: Castle Pandaemonium (Field)
Encore: Battle 1 (Battle)

FFIII: Field: Eternal Wind
Battle: Battle 2
Event: Good Ol' Fellows
Chaos Mode: This Is The Last Battle (Battle)
Encore: Pavilion of Dorga and Une (Event)

FFIV: Field: Main Theme of Final Fantasy IV
Battle: Dreadful Battle
Event: Red Wings
Chaos Mode: Final Battle (Battle)
Encore: Moon World Map (Field)

FFV: Field: Four Hearts
Battle: Battle on the Big Bridge
Event: Hurry! Hurry!
Chaos Mode: The Final Battle (Battle)
Encore: Mambo de Chocobo (Field)

FFVI: Field: Terra
Battle: Decisive Battle
Event: Aria di Mezzo Carattere
Chaos Mode: Dancing Mad Final Part (Battle)
Encore: Kefka (Event)

FFVII: Field: Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII
Battle: One Winged Angel
Event: WEAPON Raid
Chaos Mode: Judgment Day (Field)
Encore: Those Who Fight (Battle)

FFVIII: Field: Blue Fields
Battle: Force Your Way
Event: Liberi Fatali
Chaos Mode: Only a Plank Between One and Perdition (Event)
Encore: Don't Be Afraid (Battle)

FFIX: Field: Over The Hill
Battle: Dark Messenger
Event: Festival of the Hunt
Chaos Mode: The Final Battle (Battle)
Encore: A Place To Call Home (Event)

FFX: Field: Movement in Green
Battle: Battle with Seymour
Event: Hymn of the Fayth
Chaos Mode: Otherworld (Battle)
Encore: A Fleeting Dream (Event)

FFXII: Field: Dalmasca Estersand
Battle: Boss Battle
Event: Theme of the Empire
Chaos Mode: The Battle for Freedom (Battle)
Event: Opening Theme (Theme of Final Fantasy XII) (Event)

Dissidia: Field: Answer
Battle: Cosmos
Event: The Troops Advance
Chaos Mode: Chaos (Battle)
Encore: Dissidia -opening- (Event)

Dissidia 012: Field: Dimensional Door
Battle: Cantata Mortis
Event: Threat
Chaos Mode: God in Fire (Final Battle)
Encore: Carmen Lucis (Field)

Well, that's my list of songs I would have loved to have in Theatrhythm. I am aware that there is no section for Dissidia or Dissidia 012 in the game, and that's complete bullshit. I'm going to hope for some of these songs and more* to appear as DLC.

HBM, signing out!

BONUS EDIT: I've also decided that some of the character choices were pretty bad, so I'll shortly tell the 3 characters (thank you, Kain and Sephiroth) from FF1-FFXIII who should have been playable:

FFI: Warrior of Light, Black Mage (of Light?), Garland
FFII: Firion, Minwu, Emperor
FFIII: Onion Knight, Doga, Cloud of Darkness
FFIV: Cecil, Kain, Golbez
FFV: Bartz, GILGAMESH, ExDeath
FFVI: Terra, Locke, Kefka
FFVII: Cloud, Zack, Sephiroth
FFVIII: Squall, Laguna, Ultimecia
FFIX: Zidane, Vivi, Kuja
FFX: Tidus, Auron, Jecht
FFXI: Don't give a shit
FFXII: Basch, Balthier, Gabranth
FFXIII: Lightning, Sazh, Serah

Word of advice to Square: If you can put in one extra character for 2 games, you can probably put one more character for the other 11, you dicks!!
* Specifically 1000 Words from FFX-2 (Event), quite a few Crisis Core songs, and maybe an Advent Children original song or 2.

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