HBM's Top 10 PSP Games

Hey, y'know how I did that Top Ten list of my favorite DS games a while back? Well, isn't the PSP kinda dying too? I should do a Top Ten List for those games, right? Well, I have just barely over 10 PSP games, so I can do this! Just be aware of possible spoilers!

#10: Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles

Similarly to BlueHighwind, this is the game that got me into Castlevania. The simple Castlevania gameplay, the voice acting (David Vincent's a personal favorite of mine), and the fact that you can unlock THE BEST CASTLEVANIA GAME EVER (Symphony of the Night) make this probably one of the better titles in the Castlevania series.

#9: Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection

I think Final Fantasy IV is when the Final Fantasy series really started getting good. This bundle of the entire FFIV trilogy proves me right, with the great storylines, (mostly) likable characters, and amazing (at the time) battle system have all been greatly enhanced for the current generation of gamers!

#8: Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X

This game was pretty much my physical introduction to the Mega Man X series, and I can see why the original is Egoraptor's favorite game from this. It's basically a 2.5D remake of MMX, with voice acting and anime cutscenes, and other than some hiccups in the voice department (Vile, most of the Mavericks), this game is pretty solid. I'd recommend it.

#7: God of War: Chains of Olympus

Considering how awesome the previous God of War games were, I had fairly high hopes for this game. And although it just falls short, Chains of Olympus is a decent addition to the series. I wouldn't say it's the worst in the series, but rather that it's "least awesome," if that makes any sense.

#6: God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Now this is how Chains of Olympus should have been. The gameplay and story are far improved, and Kratos gets more awesome moments in this game, as well as being generally more pissed off. I dare say that Ghost of Sparta is one of the best games in the series, though just below the PS3-only games.

#5: Gods Eater Burst

If you like anime, character customization, and just plain awesome gameplay, this is a must have. The fact that your weapon is a cannon, blade, and shield all in one is badass, not to mention the fact that you can just go crazy with your appearance. It's like Crisis Core, but not quite as good, and allows for multiplayer and ally NPCs. Overall, just plain badass.

#4: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

The prequel to Final Fantasy VII and the origins to fan favorite Zack Fair, this game has a nice battle system, cool equipment system, and gut-wrenchingly sad yet epic storyline. Zack's death (Not a spoiler, seriously) is probably the closest I've gotten to crying at a video game. Though I can see why people hate Genesis and the repetitive missions...

#3: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Quite possibly the best Metal Gear Solid game, Peace Walker, despite the limitations of the PSP, manages to be at least on par with 3 and 4. It has tight controls, great story, great combat, it's just amazing.

#2: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

I've always loved the Kingdom Hearts series, and this game is another great example why. Amazing customization, mostly unchanged yet epic battle system, and at least a little character development, though Terra and Aqua's lack of emotion in their voice acting can be irritating. For more details, see my Looking Back On Kingdom Hearts post.

#1: Dissidia/Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

The only reason I'm putting both in the same spot is because 012 could have easily been a Downloadable update or 2, though I won't complain that it's its own game. Dissidia was the first Final Fantasy game I ever got (really unfortunate, I had wanted FFVII for a few years before), and I adored it. Naturally I love Dissidia 012 even more, to the point that it's probably my favorite game! If it's not, it's tied with Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Great Gameplay, great voice acting, great customization, sub-par storyline! That's the best I could ask for!

Well, that's my Top 10 PSP games. Man, I need a break. Hopefully, July will come quickly!

HBM, Signing Out!

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