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Hello, whoever you are. Remember how I made those Top 10 lists for video game Bosses and Final Boss Themes? Well it's time to finally do my Top 10 Final Bosses! Remember, only one per series (Unless it's a tie). Also, expect spoilers. Quite a bit of them. Now let's begin!
#10: Mundus (Devil May Cry)


Okay, so before you even start, Dante transforms into a Sparda-Devil Trigger'd version of himself. Then, in the first part, you're FLYING THROUGH THE UNIVERSE TOWARDS MUNDUS AS HE THROWS FIREBALLS, LIGHTNING STORMS, AND BEAMS OF LIGHT AT YOU. And if you use Devil Trigger during the battle, Dante launches A FUCKING DRAGON at him. Second part of the battle, you're in an arena of fire and lava as he does the same stuff to you, only you're on foot this time. Even then, you're not done.

After almost escaping the castle, Mundus ambushes you in the sewers while falling apart and crawls his way towards you while you blast at him. Then after Trish shows up, you just blast away with your pistols until you can use Devil Trigger, then... JACKPOT. One hell of a way to end such an awesome game!

#9: Safer Sephiroth (FFVII)

As we all know, Sephiroth is the most Badass being to ever exist in anything ever. So it's fitting that he'd be somewhere on this list. The only things that are irritating about this fight are 1: Heartless Angel, 2: Super Nova's animation not being skippable (I mean, it's impressive the first time, but seriously) and 3: His disintegration takes for-fucking-ever at the end. However, that doesn't detract from the pure awesomeness that is Sephiroth.

#8: Pain (Naruto Shipudden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2)

Naruto games tend to be better than the actual series, and this boss really shows that. Like the other bosses in this game, the QTEs are fucking awesome, and the gameplay itself isn't bad. The part where you play as 7-Tails Naruto, constantly shooting shit at Pain's rocks is pretty awesome, and that final Rasengan at the end is glorious. The soundtrack here really fits all the moods, and overall, this fight alone is better than the actual anime itself.

#7: Draco Cantus (TWEWY)

You have to be retarded to have not seen this coming, considering how much I was gushing about this game earlier this year. The only thing I hate about this boss is the amount of Projectile Spam he hits you with. It's fucking awesome other than that. An awesome finish to an awesome game.

#6: Hades (Kid Icarus Uprising)

As you must remember, I gave Kid Icarus Uprising the title of the current Best 3DS Game. A part of that is due to this awesome, spoileriffic Final Boss. Even though you're almost guaranteed to die at least once per try against him, Hades shows that Nintendo still knows how to make amazing bosses, just like the other Nintendo bosses on this list.

#5: Ganondorf (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)

I know most people tend to put Ocarina of Time Ganon as their favorite Final Boss, but personally, I prefer his Twilight Princess variation. With four phases, some awesome music, and being against one of the most powerful villains in Nintendo history, this fight is purely amazing.

#4: Chakravartin (Asura's Wrath)

Yes, I know that this is from the Part 4 DLC, but it was meant to part of the full game, so I count it. Anyway, this battle starts similarly to the Mundus one, with you flying through the universe towards the most massive boss EVER in the Bigger-Than-Earth sized Destructor form. Chakravartin's first form is so huge that galaxies are dust next to him. He throws plenty of projectiles, planets, and stars at you, and even makes the Sun go supernova at one point! Anyway, Asura punches his way through Chakravartin's head, and arrives at the event horizon. Some cutscenes later, and you fight his normal form briefly before going through another rail shooter. After punching your way through that, you fight his base form some more, and awesome QTEs happen.

Even after it looks like it's over, it's not, because Chakravartin transforms into a Jack Skellington wannabe and becomes even more powerful, forcing Asura to his base form. So after some more of that, he starts showing his QTE button inputs along with yours, and as you wear him down, Chakravartin starts messing up on his inputs until you give him that one last punch, It's all so awesome, and a fitting end to such an epic adventure.

#3: Xemnas (KH2)

Considering that Kingdom Hearts II is, in my opinion, the best Kingdom Hearts game, and Kingdom Hearts is my favorite franchise, it's only fitting that the final battle from KH2 would be one of the highest on this list. The epic music, amazing reaction commands, and the short opportunity to PLAY AS RIKU, MY FAVORITE KH HERO EVER, only serve to highlight this fight's epicness.

#2: Jergingha (The Wonderful 101)

Oh my god, this fight is LONG. There are three phases to this fight. The first phase is pretty standard: you destroy the shield-things in front of Brain-Jergingha's pod while fighting his tentacle-things at the same time. When you finish with this, you fight some aliens while some exposition is thrown around, and Jergingha becomes Wonder-Jergingha. Now he has access to your Unite Morphs, but SUPER CHARGED. You have to counter his attacks while dealing damage to his hands so you can attack his head. After some QTEs, you defeat Wonder-Jergingha and have to do a dual-shooter stage to escape the fortress. But it's still not over: Jergingha takes over the fortress and transforms into his Planet Destruction Form. At this point, the heroes get back in the Platinum Robo and you have to defeat other robots while dodging Jergingha's attacks and breaking his shields. There are some awesome QTEs and cutscenes and after the most intense Button-Mashing sequence ever, you finally win. It's just so.. wonderful... *happy-tear*

#1: Metal Gear Excelsus/Steven Armstrong (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)


Holy damn, who knew this would happen?! Okay, the first phase of the fight is Metal Gear Excelsus, which is a giant crab-like Metal Gear with at least 3 huge blades. You slice off two of it's legs, then take one of it's blades and slice Excelsus to pieces using it! After that, Armstrong steps out and beats the hell out of you with his bare fists, barely taking any damage at all! Eventually he destroys your blade and you damage him a tiny bit more with your fists, but that barely does anything. Then Bladewolf shows up and throws you Sam's blade, and the rest of the battle is pure awesome. Armstrong pulls out all the stops, punching the ground so that fire comes out of it, massive combos with hella damage to them, throwing pieces of the sliced up Excelsus at you, and in the end, you tear out his still-beating heart, and crush it! Definitely one of the best bosses of 2013 and all of the Metal Gear series.

Well, that's that. Remember, this is only my opinion. And if you don't share my opinion, don't worry. You never had any hope in the first place. >:)

HBM, Signing Out!
* The only reason the Demise fight isn't here? While it may be incredibly epic, I can beat him within 2 minutes.

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