The True Opposite Day...

People! I have just discovered the true time of Opposite Day, the day that people have scoffed off as rumor and legend! Just read this theory, and hear me out!

Opposite Day is a point in time... time... that rhymes with crime! Like the crimes terrorists commit! Commit... when you get married, you have to commit to your relationship. Relationships which can be discussed with you therapist. Therapist is a job, and jobs are a way to make money... You can deposit and withdraw money at banks. Withdraw... that's the name of an attack in Pokemon, which was made by Nintendo! Nintendo also made Super Mario Bros., which is extremely popular. Popular... like a cheerleader! Cheerleaders have to attend Pep Rallies, which teachers think will make us like school just a little, but they usually end up causing the opposite reaction! Wait a minute! Opposite reaction... on days of pep rallies?! Of course! Opposite Day is whatever day there's a pep rally!

Or I just want to justify why pep rallies I want to stop existing. I dunno. HBM, signing out.

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