No Bleach Recap This Week + Going To New York

Hey guys. Sorry, but I can't recap this week's Bleach. It was just so... pointless. I know that you could say the same for the rest of the Bleach filler, but this was the most pointless episode since that one that showed how Keigo and Mizuiro met Ichigo and Chad. God, I hated that episode.
Oh yeah, and I'm going to New York till the end of next week, so no Bleach Recap then. Sorry, guys. Of course, I probably do need a break from Bleach, so I can regenarate my hopes for its later episodes. I promise, I'll have the next recap after up.


Bleach Recaps: Ep. 257: BOOBS!!!

Well, the week before last, we all had an unpleasant surprise when we turned on our TVs for Toonami, which is more awesome than ever, to find that Bleach's Zanpakuto Filler Arc had not yet ended, even though the obvious antagonist has just died forever. Then, when those of us who could still stomach the next month or so of filler were able to watch this last weekend's episode, we were rewarded with CLEAVAGE TITS!!! Oh, I love how anime filler makes anything possible.

Sadly, this does not fill up the entirety of the episode. The writers were trying to have a plot, and failing at it, just like with the even more terrible Amagai and Bount arcs. *shudder* However, unlike those two pieces of shit, I was able to actually watch this episode without cringing, so there's that.


HBM Reviews: Batman Arkham Asylum

Oh my god, you guys, why did I wait till last week to get this game?! Well, probably because around that time, I was so hyped for Dark Knight Rises that I just started watching random Batman stuff. Then I remembered that people consider Arkham Asylum to be one of the few actually good Batman games, and decided to get it. And boy, was I not disappointed!


HBM's E3 Reactions

Wow. I was not prepared for the amount of disappointment that there was at this year's E3. Normally, I only follow Nintendo and maybe some other companies who are showcasing games I want, but this was just... oh my god.

I'm just going to talk about the parts that interested me. By the way, I was a fool for hoping Smash Bros. 4 would be there. I mean, they're just starting development, right? Well, here we go.


Bleach Recaps: Ep 256: I'm BAAAAAACK~!

Hey, guys! I'm finally back to recapping episodes of Bleach! I mean, considering that Muramasa has finally died, the now previous arc is over! Therefore, I'm back to doing this!

Just to bring you up to speed, Muramasa was bullshitting us about killing his master, most of the Zanpakuto died and were resurrected as good guys at the last second, and Muramasa's master Koga is an asshole who, for some reason, has the same exact voice as Grimmjow. Now all the Zanpakutos are back to being swords and everyone is clearly going to forget that this ever happened! We're finally back to actual stuff happening! YAY!

Oh yeah, and the show is now rated PG for some reason. There's now barely any swearing or blood. And it's not just because Toonami's back (and more hardcore than ever), it's been like this for at least a month or 2. WAT.