HBM Reviews: Batman Arkham Asylum

Oh my god, you guys, why did I wait till last week to get this game?! Well, probably because around that time, I was so hyped for Dark Knight Rises that I just started watching random Batman stuff. Then I remembered that people consider Arkham Asylum to be one of the few actually good Batman games, and decided to get it. And boy, was I not disappointed!

The story is a little something like this: The Joker was just brought to Arkham Asylum after a failed attempt on the mayor of Gotham's life. However, Batman's uneasy because he gave up pretty much without a fight. Soon after Joker is a room away from Batman, he breaks loose from the guards, releases all the criminals, and takes over. Now, the Dark Knight has to take down the Joker and restore order to Arkham, all by himself.

The control in this game is great, and the way you can go from hitting one enemy right to another and so on looks so fluent. You're supposed to take enemies down with secrecy, and you unlock gadgets throughout the game to help you do this, such as Batarangs, Explosive Gel, and Grappling Hook. In normal combat, you can do normal attacks, counterattacks, and stun attacks in fluent, unending motion as you pummel everyone in your way. Throughout the game, you can also pass challenges that the Riddler gives you, which is necessary for some trophies/achievements.

There are some subtle little tidbits of this game that I really enjoy. If there's a major Batman villain who's not in this game, they're at least referenced (i.e. posters of the Penguin and Two Face). Also, throughout the game, Batman slowly grows some facial stubble, and the damage you take shows (such as tears in the suit and cuts on his cheek).

This is just a really great game. However, I've heard that Arkham City is even better! Even so, I'll be waiting for the Wii U version, as from what I've heard, it has some great additions involving the Wii U Gamepad.

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