HBM Reviews: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

Let me tell you guys something: Dissidia 012 is probably my 2nd favorite game right now (nothing at the moment contends with Brawl). However, I was fairly disappointed when Square announced that the next game in the Dissidia series wouldn't be a fighting game, but would, instead be a rhythm game. However, despite my disbelief at first, this game actually works!


Bleach Recaps Ep. 260: Actually GOOD FILLER?!?!

Sorry that I couldn't get the recaps up for the previous two weeks, guys. Last week, I was on vacation, and the previous week, it was just... that bad. Here's a recap of the last two episodes for you right here: COMPLETE POINTLESSNESS. I already wanted this filler to end enough!!! GAWD!!

Well, it turns out that not all hope is lost for Bleach's filler, as we now get the best episode since Muramasa died. I'd say the only thing that ruins this episode is the thing that takes up the majority of the episode's time even though it'll never be seen again after this...


HBM Reviews: Mario Tennis Open

Hello people. Sorry that I couldn't recap the previous 2 Bleach episodes. The less recent was... just that bad, and I was away for the more recent one, but the next one will be on schedule. With that out of the way, let's get this show on the road.