Bleach Recaps Ep. 260: Actually GOOD FILLER?!?!

Sorry that I couldn't get the recaps up for the previous two weeks, guys. Last week, I was on vacation, and the previous week, it was just... that bad. Here's a recap of the last two episodes for you right here: COMPLETE POINTLESSNESS. I already wanted this filler to end enough!!! GAWD!!

Well, it turns out that not all hope is lost for Bleach's filler, as we now get the best episode since Muramasa died. I'd say the only thing that ruins this episode is the thing that takes up the majority of the episode's time even though it'll never be seen again after this...

Alright, time to get this show on the road. We see lieutenants Shuhei, Izuru, and Iba, along with Ikkaku, running in the woods looking for Sword Beasts, when Shuhei is attacked by a certain Zanpakuto. As the other 3 run ahead, we start hearing a certain somewhat annoying voice, when guess who shows up!

I had been wondering what happened to Kazeshini since Muramasa was defeated! Turns out he's still in Asshole mode, and wants to kill Shuhei. However, he'll have none of that, and runs off to catch up with the others, as they've found some Sword Beasts. Later, we see Hainebabe, Hozukimaru, and Wabisuke trying to get Kazeshini to stop this shit, but he's too mch of an asshole to listen and tells them that he would never want their help.

Later again, Shuhei's fighting a Sword Beast when Kazeshini shows up and decides to attack him right there. Since there are people behind him, Shuhei, instead of dodging, blocks the attack and gets injured from it. He runs away and Kazeshini hears something, and goes to check it out, but only sees a near dead dude, a baby, and a Sword Beast. The Sword Beast attacks, but Shini takes it out and tries o go away, but the dying dude asks him to take care of the baby, which leads to one of my favorite moments of Bleach ever: Shini kicking the baby. However, that leads to an extremely annoying moment: The baby crying.

Let me just say something right here: I really fucking hate babies. I hate any 'human' under the age of 10 altogether. They never shut up, they're incredibly loud, and they're retarded as fuck (and usually very ugly). I know I'll probably get some hate mail/comments from the maybe 6 viewers I have from that saying "OH THEY'RE JUST CHILDREN THEY NEED TO LEARN AND SHITS!!!" Well, screw you. We all have opinions, and I'm simply stating mine.

Okay, I've finally gotten that out of the way; let's move on. So Shini is forced to *groan* look after that piece of shit, and takes it to the forest and tries to leave the baby hanging on a tree branch (something I would do with no hesitation) but for some reason, takes it down. He then ends up begging the other Zanpakuto to take it* off his hands, but they still remember how he said he didn't want their help and leave.

Now we partake in what I can only describe as "wacky anime baby antics" (I can't believe I just typed that...). The baby does all kinds of shit to fuck up Shini like constant crying, trying to touch his blade, and pissing on him. However, he starts to take a liking to this thing!!! Um... no. Just no. No words to describe the amount of disappointment I'm feeling for you, Shini. Later, Izuru tells Shuhei about some kind of "rumor" he heard from the other Zanpakuto about Shini.

So anyway, Shini leaves the baby in a farmhouse or someething to go fight Shuhei, who's fighting a Sword Beast, However the baby starts crying like a douche again, and he goes to check it out, but it turns out the baby was found by some woman. The baby gropes his leg and a Sword Beast shows up and attacks, forcing Shini to defend the baby WITH HIS BACK. Then he gets a brain and murders the asshole. He then tells the lady to take the baby far away as he goes to fight Shuhei.

We then get to the most awesome part of the episode: The final battle between Kazeshini and Shuhei. The great animation here, combined with the awesome fighting really make this scene the best part of the episode. The only thing that kills it is the baby crying as the woman sings. So anyway, Shuhei finally cuts Shini down, who then disappears into Shuhei's Zanpakuto, never to appear again.

Alas, poor asshole. I knew you well.

Overall, this was a pretty kickass episode! We got some good action and animation, plus some actual character development for Kazeshini. However, the baby got close to killing this episode. Thankfully, it didn't.

HBM, signing out!

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