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Let me tell you guys something: Dissidia 012 is probably my 2nd favorite game right now (nothing at the moment contends with Brawl). However, I was fairly disappointed when Square announced that the next game in the Dissidia series wouldn't be a fighting game, but would, instead be a rhythm game. However, despite my disbelief at first, this game actually works!

First, let me say that, even though this is technically a game in the "Dissidia" series, it's not my favorite 3DS game at the moment; that honor goes to Kid Icarus Uprising. Also, as was detailed in a couple earlier posts, I was disappointed with some of the song choices and the fact that there's no section in the game for Dissidia songs, even though Cosmos is a playable character and Chaos is the "Final" Boss (I'll get to why there are those quotes in a bit).

The gameplay is pretty good, although I find it to be too easy. As the notes go towards your cursor thing, you have to tap the Touch Screen at the right time for it to register as a hit. There are 3 different types of notes: Red notes that just require a tap, Yellow notes that require you to swipe the stylus across the Touch Screen in the direction the arrow on it points, and Green notes, that require you to hold the stylus on the touch screen until the end of the note (and sometimes combines itself with a Yellow note at the end).

There are also 4 different types of songs: Beginnings/Endings, which play at the beginning of each series setlist in Series Mode, where you tap the touch screen as the notes touch the center of the crystal, though they're skippable; Field Songs, where your characters run through the world of whichever game they're playing; Battle Songs, where your party of 4 fights enemies, and Event Songs, where important events from whichever game plays as you hit notes.

You can choose up to 4 characters to be in your party. You start with 13, and there are 16 more unlockables. In the Edit Party screen, you can equip your characters with different abilites and an item that's shared by the party. As you play soings, your characters gain EXP and level up, just like normal RPGs. To unlock other characters, you have to obtain Crystal Shards, which I'll get into detail of later.

There are 3 main modes of play: Series, where you play through specific series' songs; Challenge, where you can play any song you want on any difficulty you want, and Chaos Shrine, where you play through Dark Notes - more difficult versions of one field song and one battle song (some of which are CS only songs) - and unlock Crystal Shards by beating the Boss monsters in the Battle song.

Outside the main gameplay, this game has Streetpass functionality. You can edit your ProfiCard by giving it a color, design, description of yourself using pre-chosen phrases/words, which character to be on it, which Dark Note to send to others, and a 16 character message. This is actually a pretty useful way to get Dark Notes if you're having trouble beating some of yours.

In the Museum mode, there's quite a bit of stuff to see. You can check out your achievements and other stuff with characters and songs. There's also a section to view your CollectaCards, which you collect during gameplay. You can also view any videos you've unlocked or any songs you've unlocked.

As you play through songs, you unlock Rythmia. For every 500 Rhythmia, you get a special bonus, such as a Shard, a video or song in the Museum, or a song in challenge mode. Once you have a total of 10,000 Rhythmia, you fight Chaos, however, this is the only time you're allowed to fight him, which is total bullshit.*

All in all, I'd say this makes a good addition to the library of 3DS games. Even though it's pretty easy once you find out the tricks, there's still so much to unlock and it's so good to be able to hear some of these songs come out of a 3DS's speaker, and to take them on the go.

HBM, signing out!
*EDIT: It turns out that, if you play some high level Dark Notes, Chaos shows up as the boss in them. Yup.

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  1. I guess it's not a bad game(I find it to be a bit too easy, even on the highest difficulty), but I think they should have just stuck to the fighting system. Or at least use the old school battle system from the earlier games. Oh well I guess that's what RPG Maker is for.


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