Bleach is Finally Back!

Hey guys. Remember when Bleach had a plot, and the awesomeness didn't just come from fanservice and kicking babies (which needs to happen more often in everything ever)? Well, we're finally back to that happening! Unfortunately, I won't be recapping this week's episode, seeing as it was just a massive recap of stuff that happened before the filler started nearly a year ago. In fact, I'll just make a list of what it recaps:

1. Aizen and Co. being trapped in Yamamoto's flame wall
2. Appachi, Mila-Rose, and Sun-Sun's fight with Rangiku and Momo
3. Ayon fucking destroying Rangiku, Momo, Shuhei, and Iba
4. Yamamoto destroying Ayon and frying Appachi, Mila-Rose, and Sun-Sun
5. Part of Starrk's "fight" with Kyoraku
6. Part of Lilinette failing against Ukitake
7. Soi Fon, Lieutenant Fatass, and Baraggan doing nothing
8. Part of Hitsugaya's fight with Hallibel up till she unzips her top (YES)
9. ALL* of Orihime's boring ass speech from when Ulquiorra came back from that pocket dimension, and finally:
10. The first couple seconds of Ichigo and Ulquiorra's most recent fight.

And all this, so Kubo could draw another over the top facial expression. Oh well, we're back to that plot, and that means that next week, Bleach Recaps return for good!

HBM, signing out!
* They already aired that boring ass friendship speech once, but twice?! Seriously?! Are they trying to tell those of you who don't have TiVo/DVR and have to watch when it airs to go the fuck to sleep already?!

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