Screw You, Square Enix.

Recently, Square Enix put up a teaser site for a new The World Ends With You thing. Naturally, we all got excited for a sequel, though some of us were filled with dread when it was revealed that an iOS version of TWEWY was being released with remixed music. Us real fans stayed optimistic, but guess what? THE COUNTDOWN WAS FOR THE FUCKING IOS VERSION!!!!


I mean, we already knew of this before the timer ended, so why the fuck would they keep it up instead of, oh I dunno, A FUCKING TEASER FOR A SEQUEL?!?!?!

Square, you better be reading this. You're just a bunch of money grubbing assholes and you can just go to hell for doing this to your former fans. While I'll still be buying KH, FF, and future TWEWY games, It will be begrudgingly, and most likely used so I don't have to give actual money to you assholes. The fuck-nuggets at "anti-virus" companies wouldn't dare look in you direction, that's how awful you dickheads are.

In closing, next time you put up a teaser site, MAKE SURE IT'S FOR A FUCKING SEQUEL!!!

EDIT: So, I was looking around on Google, just for TWEWY iOS ost stuff, when I stumbled across this hotness:

This is apparently an image the iOS version shows after you've fulfilled the correct requirements (I have no idea at the moment). I'm not going to give my thoughts other than this: Square has restored an iota of my faith in them. As long as they can give satisfactory conclusions to the Lightning Saga, completely fix FFXIV, make this as hot as I hope, and release Type-0 in America, they're allowed another thousandth of my hope back.


  1. Way to go, Square Enix. Way to get my hopes up again.


    It however, would not be half as bad, if I didn't know for a fact the shitwhores making this port were adding "speshul cohntent" that non ios gamers will never see.

    Like, most likely THE FUCKING LEAD IN TO A SEQUEL


  3. You know it would have been one thing if they just came out and said they were making a IOS port. I would have been like "Oh thats ok I guess. I probably won't buy it, but it's nice to know if I have 20 bucks to burn I'll waste it on this." But you make A FUCKING TEASER WEBSITE WITH A COUNTDOWN AND EXPECT ME TO GET EXCITED FOR A GAME I ALREADY HAVE A COPY OF AND PUT IT ON THE STUPID IPAD?!?!?! FUCK YOU SQUARE! FUCK YOU IN THE ASS WITH A SPIKE STUDDED 12 FOOT TITANIUM DILDO THAT USES ACID AS A LUBE!!!!!

    Ah-hmm sorry about that out burst. I don't have enough nerd rages so when I do blow it's not a pretty sight.

    1. Oh trust me, it's perfectly fine. This is the least I could say for Square when I'm at my most restrained and calm. But when I burst... run. Just... run. It won't help, but it would be a good idea.

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