Entity Trailer: My Thoughts

Let me tell you guys something: I make a lot of stupid decisions. No joke, at one point in my life, I nearly got expelled from school due to a slightly threatening offhand comment I made without thinking that I couldn't follow through with anywa.  For the past couple years, though, I've spent entire days and nights on the Nightmare Fuel pages of TVTropes. But that pales in comparison to researching... THE SLENDERMAN.

I'll be honest, it's been about 2 years since I learned about him (thanks a lot, LittleKuriboh) and I'm still too terrified to watch anything that has to do with him. Until I learned that there was an official, not-Internet-exclusive movie being made revolving around him. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you, the trailer for this movie: Entity!

I'll be honest, the acting's not all that good and the atmosphere is generally Blair Witch, but isn't that last bit the point? To be honest, the only reason anybody would see this is Slenderman, who looks great from what I've seen. I know a bunch of you have issues with one bit of his design though... the claws. The way I see it... Slenderman can work with claws. I prefer for him to have tentacles/long... appendages/whatever, but claws can probably make him a bit cooler. I would certainly be something new when it comes to him.

At this point, Entity is going to be shown for a few days at the end of October in the UK, after which point, I expect to see it in theaters (or a straight-to-DVD release) here in the US. In fact, maybe soon, I'll start watching Marble Hornets to prepare myself...

HBM, Signing out!

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