Bleach Recaps Ep. 273: FANSERVICE

Oh god, I don't want to do this. I just want to sit back, watch some Game Grumps, and forget that my favorite character is gone. But, I promised one recap a week, and I'll do everything I can to do so.

Oh, and I'll do a post on my new current thoughts on the manga after the next chapter is up. NOW we can start.

Okay, so, we start with Yammy freaking out over Ulq's death, which is actually intelligent of him. He's so upset that he flexes off his jacket, revealing his tattoo. Because, y'know, we totally forgot that he's number 10. Then, Hulkster releases, growing and growing into... this.

Insert this scream here
Also, the 1 on his tattoo disappears and WHOA MAGAHD GAIZ HEZ EPSADUH ZREO WHOOOOAAAAAAA WAHT A TWITS. Then he proceeds to No Sell Rukia Chad 'nd Renji's attempts to hurt him at all. And starts CHARGIN HIS LAZER.

Meanwhile, we see Hallibel unzip her coat to show her tattoo for the third time. Okay, seriously, we get it. She's hot, her tattoo's on her boob, can we stop using previously used footage?! Okay, so Hallibabe's new glowy sword thing does damage to Hitsugaya as Izuru and StarWolf look on.

"Do I smell kibble?"
Apparently, Starrk is just getting a bit more serious, and Barragan has been beating Soi Fon and Fatass down without even needing to use his pimp hand. Fatass remembers that tattoo thing from half the show ago that removed a power limit or whatever. But it turns out they weren't even limiting themselves, and King Hippo freaks out. For the billionth time.

Back with Halliboobs, she's being all pissy over Yamamoto frying her Fracciones last year, and releases, creating a vagina of water behind her.

Wait a minute, two releases in one episode?! From fucking Espadas?! Okay, it was one thing when Hallibel's groupies offhandedly did it within 5 seconds, but TWO ESPADA RELASES IN ONE EPISODE?!?! Jesus.

So the little water trick floods the city and, well, you can see in my Top 10 Arrancars. She then proceeds to do this.

But then it turns out it was an ice clone. Yeah, seriously. That ability just comes right the fuck out of nowhere and is never used again. Hitsugaya does say he could only use it once, so that kinda makes sense then. We then end with him telling Boobibel not to underestimate the Soul Reapers.

Okay, this was a cool episode, considering TWO. FUCKING. ESPADA. RELEASES. IN ONE. FUCKING. EPISODE. However, there's still the hole in my soul caused by the unspeakable sin from last episode. NEXT TIME ON BLEACH RECAPS.

HBM, signing out.

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