Bleach Recaps Ep 275: You're Too Slow

Fuck, man. So much has been happening and I don't even want to do this right now. But I have to do one a week. Whatever. I'll get back into the groove of this after a while.

Don't take my bitching as me hating Bleach; It's still my favorite anime. I'm just not feeling like recapping lately. I dunno, let's go.

So when we last left off, Hitsugaya was about to unleash his ultimate technique on Hallibel. But wait, this episode decides that Starrk firing his Cero is a better way to open. He talks with Kyoraku about how he won't use his full power and notices the massive storm clouds in the sky made by Hitsugaya. We then cut to Ice-Boy telling Hallibabe why he couldn't use this technique before and proceeds to use it.

So, Hitsu causes a lil snow drizzle where if something touches the snow, it freezes. When all the snow freezes, the victim dies. Using this, he turns Boobibabe into a Christmas tree, "finishing" her. Komamura then talks about how they just need to beat the other two Espada before Aizen's trio gets out of the fire, and we cut to the Baraggan vs. Soi Fon and Fatass fight.

Soi Bean finds herself unable to land any hits, when Baraggan starts explaining the whole "aspect of death" thing again and how it signifies each Espada's powers. So because he's old age, he can cause stuff to age before him, and a single touch from him can break your bones. He then proceeds to do just that to Soi Milk's left arm.

Just as Baraggan's about to cut her down, it's Fatass to the rescue! He and Soi Fon do their thing where she insults him and he doesn't get it and acts stubborn, like usual. They then try to enact a plan to cut down Baraggan, and it would have worked if Fatass wasn't such a pussy. So Soi tries to do it herself and almost gets killed, when once again FATASS TO THE RESCUE. Okay, Kubo, it was unbelievable that he'd do it even once. Twice is just too much to comprehend.

At this point, Baraggan decides that they both want to die and releases his Zanpakuto. Shit happens, special effects, retarded reaction shots from his enemies, etc. We then see that he is now...

...Jack Skellington Sr?
Now his aging powers are amplified and anything within a certain radius of him rots away. Skeletor then uses his new power, Respira, to rot away Soi Fon's arm. She freaks out and has Fatass cut it off, and we end with Daniel Fortesque over here amused that Soul Reapers can fear death.

A fairly epic episode. Not much else to say. I'm just not in the mood. I just want to relive my childhood on Sonic Adventure 2 HD right now, okay?

HBM, signing out.

EDIT: I forgot to note this because I was in a hurry, but Karen Strassman's voice acting is much better in this episode than usual (which is saying something). When Soi Fon was screaming, it legitimately sounded like her arm started disintegrating.

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