Bleach Episode 276: Complete Pointlessness

Okay, this episode was pointless. I'm being serious. At least half of this episode could have been cut out and it would have been a much better episode. But instead, we get stupid fatass shenanigans. *sigh*

Okay, so we start where we left off, with Soi Fon's arm freshly cut off. Fatass notes Baraggan's powers and Soi Product comes up with a plan: Let Fatass be a decoy for Baraggan while she prepares something. And that's the moment the plan failed.

We then cut to Starrk chasing after Kyoraku, trying to pressure him into using Bankai or something. While this is going on, Ukitake is on a bulding, trolling Lilynette. Kyoraku takes note of this and asks if Starrk would fight more seriously if he targeted her, which gets him attacked.

Starrk, tell your Cero to stop imitating my power aura.
Back with Dumbass, he's running away and tries to attack with his Zanpakuto. Baraggan notes how retarded that is, so Fatass redirects the attack to a building, which gives him an idea. He then hides behind a building and tries flinging a bunch of rubble at King Doucheface, which clearly doesn't work. He then does the same thing with glass, which... doesn't work. Then he tries with a building, which seems to work, but Baraggan then uses Respira to free himself. See this is what I was talking about when I said this episode was mostly pointless.

Back with Lilynette and Uki, she's getting more irritated, when Uki asks why Starrk cares so much for her. Lily responds with how they're the same, while calling Starrk "Coyote." Because, y'know, he totally told us his full name at this point.

"I do not approve of this spoiling of my first name."
Back with the Jackass, he's just fleeing from the Respira. Then he tries using Kido... and fails. Finally, Baraggan's as fed up with this bullshit as me, and summons a giant guillotine, Gran Caida. He's about to destroy this retard, when Soi Fon activates her Bankai!

Compensating, much?
Soi Bean complains about how huge this thing is, then uses it to fire a nuke at The Age-inator, ending the episode.

Like I said, half the episode was pointless. Oh well, at least the Vizards and Wonderweiss will be showing up soon.

HBM, signing out.

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