HBM Reviews: Pokemon Black 2

Hello, people. Like many people born in the mid-90's, I've loved Pokemon since childhood. I was introduced to it by Pokemon Gold and Silver Versions, and I've been hooked ever since. No new main game since then* has managed to be better, but will this new one succeed? This is Pokemon Black 2.

If you've played any main Pokemon game before, you should know the story format: Get a starter Pokemon, journey across the region, get all the Gym Badges, stop whatever evil organization is in this game, beat the Elite Four, become Champion, shitload of post-game content. It's been the case since Gold/Silver and it hasn't gotten old. But there's a bit of a twist this time, due to being the first actual sequel since then!

This time, it's 2 years after Pokemon Black/White. N and the player characters from the last game are traveling the world, so we're with two new, slightly younger protagonists. But now, there's some new places to visit, Team Plasma is back, and some Gym Leaders have been replaced (The Striaton Trio, Lenora, and Brycen replaced with Cheren, Roxie, and Marlon). There are plenty of callbacks, and more Pokemon have been added to the Pokedex. Clearly, this is a truly epic adventure.

Instead of explaining the gameplay, which is obvious to all Pokemon veterans, I'll talk about the new features. There is a new Medal system that works kind of like Trophies or Achievements; Whenever you complete a certain objective, you get a Medal from the man in the Pokemon Centers. South of Driftveil City is the new Pokemon World Tournament, where you can face certain opponents with set levels. After you beat the Elite Four, you can rebattle all of the previous Gym Leaders and Champions here (yes, ALL OF THEM from the main games. Except Koga for some reason). In the first continent, there's a place called Pokestar Studios where you can "film movies" with Brycen, which are really just performing set tasks.

In every other respect, this is pretty much a redo of Black/White. Is it an awesome game? Hell yes. Is it better than Gold/Silver? Not exactly, but it's close. Easily 2nd out of the 6 main game groups (yes, I count it separately from Black/White. Bite me).

HBM, Signing out.
* I don't count Crystal since it's a redo on the same console, and I don't count HeartGold/SoulSilver because they're remakes.

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