Hey, guys! Well, I'm back to doing this again! I tell you, that Hurricane gave me the break I need. Even if it did make me miss an episode, I can get back into this thanks to not having done anything lately! Oh, for those of you who want to know what happened in between my previous recap and now, see my very brief post on that. Okay, let's start!

We start things with seeing Wonderweiss and the Visoreds show up again. Yamamoto notices them and has a flashback to the Turn Back The Pendulum arc, where we see all of them get Hollowfied, and Urahara, Yoruichi, and Tessai get kicked out. After that bit of pointlessness, Shinji asks if any of them want to talk to anyone before they get started. Lisa just goes down to Kyoraku, punts and berates him, then goes back.

Shinji then goes to talk with the Old Fart, saying the Visoreds are neither enemy or friend, but rather Aizen's enemies. Wonderbread then decides this is a good time to start yelling like the retard he is. Gin sympathizes with me, while Tosen talks about "deeper meaning to his words." Ummm.... what words?! Are you high, Tosen?! He's just moaning for attention! Whatever, the giant booger pukes out a bunch of Menos Grandes, and the Visoreds put on their masks. They then proceed to wreck shit up, murdering Menos' left and right, not even really trying! It's fucking awesome!

Pretty much.
So Shinji goes up to Aizen and starts to attack him, but then Tosen shows up and cuts him. He says that even though he managed to hit Shinji, it's still a miss because he didn't decapitate him. Umm, if I at least hit someone hard enough to make them bleed, I'd count it as a hit, dumbass. He then tries again to attack, but Komamura blocks. He then notes the irony of this by flashing back to episode 40 or something, from their fight with Kenpachi. The doggy then says whether Shinji wants his help or not, he's getting it.

Over with Hitsugaya, he's watching all of this when Hallibel shows up again. Lisa and Hiyori show up to save him as Hachi goes to help Soi Fon, and Love and Rose go to fight Starrk. They then talk about how if they have a mutual enemy, they may as well work together.

Random shot of sexy
Meanwhile, Mashiro and Kensei, they're still wrecking Hollows up, when Kensei steals Mash-Pit's kill. She complains, and he says she can take the giant booger. She then one-shots it, resulting in yet another derp-face from Wondertard. Back with Shinji and StarWolf, they're going to actually start fighting, when Shuhei shows up to assist them. And... that's it. The end.

Well, this was a pretty badass way for me to return to recapping. Quite an awesome episode here. Can't wait to see more!

HBM, signing out!

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