Bleach Recaps Ep. 280: Oh, I'm Curious, All Right...

Okay, back to this again. I actually got to watch the newest episode a bit earlier than usual this time. So let's just get this recap done so I can get back to Playstation All Stars, alright? Good.

When we last left off, the Visoreds started helping the Soul Society. It's now Love and Rose vs. Starrk; Soi Fon, Fatass, and Hachigen vs. Baraggan; Hitsugaya, Hiyori, and Lisa vs. Tittibel; and Shinji, Komamura, and Hisagi vs. Tosen.

So, Mashiro had just one-shotted the giant booger thing, which Gin calls "Fura" and laments over, while Wonderbread does some more retarded moaning and the most hilarious Cero charging ever.

Before more retard leaks out of him, Mashiro kicks the special little boy into the ground, doing a stupid little victory pose. Back with Hitsugaya, he asks Hiyori and Lisa to take care of Halliboobs while he takes on Aizen. Hiyori yells at him, he apologizes, and random stupid anime shenanigans ensue, which ends with Hitsugaya being called a pervert. Lisa tells him it's okay to "be curious," because she would know, and all three attack Boobibel.

Meanwhile, Starrk asks why Love and Rose took off their masks, and Love says they can only have them on for a few minutes, "the handicap of a hero." Starrk then tries to Cero them, but they're too fast and Lilynette complains, earning her some more pain from Starrk. Over with Soi Fon, Hachi's trying to work with her, but she refuses to acknowledge this, so he tries trapping Baraggan in a barrier. Of course, he rots through it, but it's the thought that counts.

I fucking love Baraggan's face here.
Over with the Tosen fight, Hisagi thanks Tosen for all he taught him, and they start to fight, with Tosen clearly winning. We get a minute or two of the Hallibel fight, and Shinji trying to sneak up on Gin, but failing. Hachi makes a stronger barrier to buy time while he appeals to Soi Fon, then they finally come up with a deal. As he traps Baraggan in more barriers, it turns out he promised Soi Fon that, if she helped him, he'd trap Urahara in a barrier for a month. She then Bankai's the shit out of Baraggan. Again. TO BE CONTINUED.

"If that didn't work, I'mma stab some hoes." - Soi Fon
So yeah, nothing important this week, right guys? Hopefully, next week will be hotter.

HBM, signing out.

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