Bleach Recaps: Episode 281: Skull-Fucked

Yeah, okay, I know I'm late on the recap this week. Who gives a shit? I don't. Let's just get this shit overwith.

So we get a flashback from just before this big Fake Karakura Town war happened where Aizen is talking to Starrk, Baraggan, and Boobibel. After this, we see the last few minutes of the previous episode again, for no real reason. Soi Fon falls, Fatass catches her, Hachi notices his barrier breaking.

It turns out Baraggan's still alive. OH NOES HAO KUDD DIS HAPPN U GAIZ!?!?! He talks about how he can't be killed and uses Respira on Hachi. He blocks it a bunch of times, but it breaks through and reaches his right arm. Skeletor then brags, then light comes from within him. Turns out Hachi teleported his rotting arm into Baraggan to rot him from within. This mostly works, leaving Baraggan with just his head and arm, and he throws his Gran Caida.

FLASHBACK TIME. Long ago, when Baraggan was a Hollow, he was the king of Hueco Mundo, but he was bored because he ruled everything. Then Aizen's gang showed up and murdered his army. They then humiliated him and promised him even greater power. Baraggan swore revenge on Aizen for this.

Present day, turns out he was aiming for Aizen, but the Gran Caida and him disintegrate. Everyone sees this, and we cut to Starrk fighting Love and Rose, just as he's about to get serious. THE END.

Whatever, see you next time.

HBM Signing Out

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