HBM Reviews: Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Time to... PAPERIZE!!
Okay, I really don't feel like doing this. I'm far too hyped for PlayStation All Stars to concentrate on anything else. But whatever, this'll at least help pass the time. Plus, it's on my schedule, so... yeah.

Okay, the story's pretty much what you would expect from Mario at this point. Some sticker comet shows up, Bowser steals it and it separates into different pieces, and you have to go get them. Oh, and Peach.

The gameplay is oriented around stickers this time. You find stickers throughout the world and you use them for combat and puzzles. Once used, the stickers are gone forever, but places where you can peel them let them respawn. After a while, you can find items that you can turn into stickers, and you'll occasionally have to take items that were turned into stickers and stick them back into place.

Honestly, I'm not very far yet, but it's an okay game. My only real problem is that there are certain puzzles where it's not immediately apparent what you're supposed to do (the Yoshi Sphinx comes to mind). Other than that, it's good enough, but not what I was hoping for.

HBM, signing out.

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  1. Some of the worst game nintendo Made.
    You really have to be a fan or the Paper Marios to like the
    concept, else it's not a fun game for the casual gamers.

    Just my opinion, you did a good review :)


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